Best Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Best Las Vegas Wedding Venues


Whether your Las Vegas wedding is going to involve a traditional ceremony or an elopement-friendly Las Vegas chapel, one thing is certain: this city, casually referred to as the Marriage Capital of the World, has wedding celebration options to spare. Vegas wedding locations range from outdoor desert venues with Joshua tree and red rock backdrops to a nearby mountain resort, and the fanciest of the city’s hotels are not to be forgotten. Modern, rustic, or let’s-just-get-married-already quick, these venues are really only waiting for one thing – your wedding.




Vegas Weddings With A View


Alongside the neon lights and highly produced shows that have made Las Vegas famous are more than a few wedding sites that don’t have quite the same amount of flash as the Strip – although they’re no less incredible for it. The natural landscape of this area is stunning on its own terms, with nearby red mountains and the jaw-dropping formations of Red Rock Canyon. Look into the Red Rock Country Club, or Bear’s Best Las Vegas for incredible views of those desert vistas. Red Rock overlooks the Las Vegas Valley, giving you the best of both worlds with a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Valley, including the glow of the Strip and the mountains around it.


A Vegas wedding location that doesn’t feel like Vegas at all is Legends Ranch, a sprawling event venue with equestrian-style grounds, stone walls and lush greenery. Only 10 miles from downtown, the property is fully self-contained and exudes Western charm. Further from the city limits, the Resort on Mt. Charleston is a mountain venue moments away from the desert valley.



Embracing Vegas Tradition


Between the myriad of standalone Vegas wedding chapels and elegant hotels, a wedding in downtown Las Vegas can be a truly multi-faceted event. At Mandalay Bay, ceremonies can be held along the shores of a man-man tropical lagoon or within one of Mandalay’s two exquisite wedding chapels, while reception options are even more varied. Catering managers are available to help with all areas of planning your wedding, whether it will be an intimate gathering or large celebration. Meanwhile, the Graceland Wedding Chapel is legendary in its status as one of the best chapels in Las Vegas, and has been watching couples walk down its aisle for more than 50 years. The chapel is also notable for the number of celebrities who have both made and renewed their vows under its roof – including Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, and Salma Hayek.