Best Places to Get Married Near Indianapolis

Best Places to Get Married Near Indianapolis


In wedding planning, it’s true that the details matter. The colors you choose, the style of the centerpieces, the cut of the groom’s suit – they all add together to help create the day that you’re oh-so carefully creating. However, it is also true that, in wedding planning, one of the largest contributors to the theme and feel of your wedding day is your venue. Which is why, for your Indianapolis wedding, we’ve pulled together a list of Indianapolis wedding locations from across the spectrum. From barns to historic hotels, the options are unique, elegant, and all capable of being a key player in your big day.



Barn Swallow Farm


Originally created specifically for a family member’s wedding reception, the owners of Barn Swallow Farm have since realized that this venue needs to be shared with the wedding planning public. A historic barn on the property – dating back to 1876 – makes for a reception venue divine, complete with open rafters, two balconies with room for seating, and twinkle lights.



Coxhall Gardens


A modern, 125-acre park with a number of specialty gardens and a recreation lake, Coxhall Gardens is an event space worthy of the prettiest of garden-party weddings. The garden’s centerpiece, which features a gazebo, fountains, and tiered lawn, makes for an ideal ceremony and reception setting, and the location and facilities are available April through October of each year.



Historic Canterbury Hotel


Whether your wedding celebration is tending towards an intimate affair or a full-fledged party, there’s a very good chance that the Historic Canterbury Hotel  has a reception setting for you. With several customizable event spaces, and a team of professional planners and caterers at hand to help design and set into motion your dream wedding day, this downtown Indianapolis wedding location is a local favorite well worth looking into.