Best Places to Stay in Denver

Best Places to Stay in Denver


While there are numerous mountain resorts just a few hours’ drive from Denver where you and your honey could rest in total comfort (and the sound of birds chirping in the pine trees), we think that this honeymoon getaway would be just as well-served by staying in the city. We’ll talk mountains another day. But for now, whether you’re interested in modern luxury, Old World style or something with just a touch more personality, we have a downtown locale for you.



Magnolia Hotel


One-time vintage hotel, now a contemporary comfort, the Magnolia Hotel is one of several hotels with proximity to downtown Denver’s attractions including the Denver Museum of Art and local sports events. A short  walk from the 16th Street Mall, the hotel is close to restaurants and entertainment venues. We’re not entirely sure any of that, however, can compete with the nightly offering of milk and cookies.



Brown Palace Hotel


The Brown Palace first opened its doors in August of 1892 and has been welcoming visitors, celebrities and nearly every U.S. President in the 20th century, into its elaborately decorated lobby ever since. Its traditional rooms and cozy vintage furnishings combine luxury with history and a spot in the Historic Hotels of America register. This hotel is, hands down, Denver’s favorite special occasion sleepover.



The Curtis Hotel


The Curtis is definitely quirky. A Doubletree property that does its best to break the traditional hotel rules from the moment you walk in the door. Pop culture is king in this boutique’s lobby, where cartoons are constantly streaming from the nearby television and movie posters decorate the walls. Each floor has its own unique theme – One Hit Wonder, for example, on the 5th floor – and your wake-up call just might be from Elvis. We like the attitude, but we don’t mind the downtown location either.