Best Sweets in Portland, OR

Best Sweets in Portland, OR


Rumor has it that Portlanders are quick to skimp on dessert: in fact, we’ve heard claims that the average local will pick a plate of bacon over a buttercream-laden cupcake any day.  Fortunately, despite these cautionary tales, Portland has collected a variety of sweet shops to make any city proud and any bride’s dessert table the talk of the town. Let’s take a gander.


Patisserie by day and plated approach to dessert by night, St. Jack is the place to find your caneles, your macarons, your madeleines. Although for a truly extravagant variety of pastry we would be hard-pressed to pass up Pix Patisserie. We’ll have a truck load of Queen of Sheba Truffle Cakes, please.


Go with us on this one: doughnuts. While not the doughnut city of repute that San Francisco is known to be, Portland still has its fair share of sprinkle-topped glory. And did we mention how pretty these sugary rounds look on a dessert table? Voodoo Doughnut, with wild combinations and an affinity for sweet cereal toppings, is a city favorite by a long shot, but Delicious Donuts has the best chocolate-frosted cake doughnut in town, and we hear great things about a certain Meyer Lemon offering at Blue Star Donuts.


And now, for something truly inspiring, a chocolate caramel potato chip cupcake for the ultimate sweet and salty sugar bomb, direct to your table from The Sugar Cube. This beloved bakery is also home to a bite-sized wonder called the Triple Threat Cookie: two chocolate chunk, espresso and pecan cookies with a layer of chocolate ganache in between.