Best Travel Gadgets

Best Travel Gadgets


Let’s be honest getting to a destination via a long flight or layover can be boring. But for honeymooners logging some serious miles in the air, here are some new earth-shattering gadgets to make the time fly by (literally).


From power-packed backpacks to the lightest tablet around, today’s technology experts are proving over and over that they really can create a traveler’s best friend. From tracking your metabolism (if you truly want to know) to catching up on your favorite e-reader, the sky’s the limit if you pack one of these best travel gadgets in your luggage.



For the Digital Diva: The Powerbag & Sony P.

The Powerbag – Making waves at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, the Powerbag will soon be on every honeymooner’s shoulder no matter where their final destination may be. This stylish shoulder sling, backpack, or roller bag (options!) is easy to carry, and charges all of your devices as you walk. Running on battery power, no matter how many terminals you have to pass until you reach your own, any iPads, iPods or iPhones will be getting plenty of juice while you focus on the journey. Price Tag: $139-$249


The Sony P. – This brand-spanking new Sony tablet only weighs 0.5 lbs and is designed to fold up to fit in your pocket or into its hand-sized box. Its multi-tasking powers are near magical since you can either watch two different 5.5-inch screens committing different functions simultaneously or surf the Web on the traditional one-screen. Oh, and if you are an anti e-reader because you love the feel of a book, this gizmo folds in half just like your favorite paperback, but without the bulk, in your carry-on. Price Tag: $349.99



Charge Up for the Euro Traveler: iLuv DreamTraveler


Even if you have vowed to power down your cell phones while you bask in the sunshine on the edge of the world, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a laptop, digital e-reader, or a digital camera, does it? The iLuv DreamTraveler takes the annoyance out of international travel and battery juice letdowns. Unlike other US charging systems that require a 100 volt outlet (most of Europe’s outlet are all 220 volts), this charging base is slim and includes its own travel sized combo power strip. In addition to surge protection, this nifty USB charger can be used for up to six devices. Price Tag: $69.99



For the Cardio Queen: Jawbone UP


Maybe you don’t want to know how many orders of late night nachos your can handle, or if you need to take that morning yoga class instead of sleeping in and ordering room service. But for those health nuts who love to play hard but work hard, the Jawbone UP bracelet is taking the guesswork out of taking time off. Instead of having to make up for bad eating habits and lazy afternoons poolside, allow this sky-blue wristband to acutely measure your physical activity, your sleep, and nutrition. Daily reports will be sent to your smartphone.


The battery will last up to 10 days and works in the shower so if you are burning calories while you lather, it will know. You may want to leave it behind during a massage though, since a silent alarm goes off when you’re getting just a little too relaxed. Annoying or intuitive you can decide. Regardless, you won’t ever have to take another vacation again without keeping svelte and feeling good! Price Tag: $99