Breath-Taking Cape Cod as a Wedding Destination!

Breath-Taking Cape Cod as a Wedding Destination!


Out of the six New England states, Massachusetts is the most populated. This reason, along with Cape Cod’s many quaint B&B’s, lighthouses, and luxury resorts, make this East Coast treasure a destination wedding spot to die for. But don’t underestimate Cape Cod’s venue variety – even if you envision a wine country wedding over a traditional clambake reception by the sea, this spectacular seaside spot doesn’t only sing one note.


In fact, you can plan a rural farm wedding rich in rustic charm or an architecturally stunning soiree in a Queen-Anne mansion all within miles of each other. If you’ve chosen to get hitched in Massachusetts, you may have just snagged one of the best destinations in the entire world for a one-of-a-kind affair.



Wine Country Wedding in Cape Cod


Who says that California is the only wine country worth getting wed in? While Cape Cod may not be known for their rows of dewy grapevines, that doesn’t make the unique setting of Truro Vineyards any less appealing. With its own barrel room and outdoor patio for dancing and bouquet tosses, this locale is perfect for wedding parties of upwards to 200 people.


Their tented ‘hall’ or outdoor area is stationed between rows of vines and a gorgeous white panel-board Cape Cod home. This setting is so inspiring that even the famed artist Edward Hopper took oil to canvas in 1930 to keep it close to his heart.



Farm Fresh Affair in the Open Air


Maybe you don’t think of farms when you de-board a plane upon arrival in Cape Cod or when you are driving along its twisted seaside highways, but even so, Bourne Farms is one of the most breathtaking wedding locales in the entire Cape. Grassy knolls and white fences, this oasis of space and privacy is perfect for bigger destination weddings or for couples that love the idea of a tented affair in one of the only rentable farms in the area.


A nature conservancy of sorts, the landscape is prestige and as natural as the love between the couple who decides to marry here.


This venue only rents to one couple per weekend to ensure that set-up and breakdown time is stress free. The farm is a blank slate, as the wedding couple will have to rent a tent, bring in catering, and arrange for any other bells and whistles they prefer. But if you are looking to customize your wedding from the ground-up, this is the venue that makes your every whim a possibility.



Historical Hierarchy Suited for an Heir & Heiress


Architecture has inspired artists and lovers for centuries. Even though Cape Cod is mostly known for its open air events and frothy seaside locales, Historic Highfield Hall is a Queen-Anne style mansion that was built in 1878. Erected by a wealthy Bostonian family, the earmarks of royalty seem to ooze from its lofty rafters.


Nestled in-between immaculate grounds and a wrap-around porch, the surrounding area is home to 400-acres of protected woodlands. From the gleaming wood floors to the gracious space large enough for a tent to be flung, getting married at Highfield Hall is the perfect staging point for beginning your own personal history.