Bridal Shops in Denver

Bridal Shops in Denver


Denver might not be the first city you think of when the words “fashion” and “shopping” enter conversation. But despite this city’s cow-town, gold-rush past, this state capitol has its fair share of culture – and no shortage of bridal boutiques to match. In fact, when it comes to searching for the gown that will live in memory and photograph for the rest of your life, we suggest you look no further for your Denver wedding dress than one of these three local shops.



Little White Dress Bridal Shop


Cate Malone, owner of Little White Dress Bridal Shop loves weddings. Loves. Them. Which is great, because we know you love weddings, too. She brings a truly personal approach to helping her brides find the dress and with this boutique’s incredible selection of designer gowns we’re confident that’s exactly what you’ll do.



Anna Bé


It’s simple: great designs and premiere service. That’s the motto that Anna Bé opened with and that is the motto this local boutique holds to. Nationally recognized – and rightfully so – as one of the “coolest” bridal boutiques in the country, Anna Bé combines the most well-known names in bridal design with gowns from up and coming independent designers and a wide collection of veils, headpieces and couture accessories.



Blue Bridal Boutique


Blue Bridal has two locally owned and operated shops specializing in beautiful designer gowns at understanding prices. The boutique takes pride in remembering that this dress is only one (obviously important!) part of the wedding picture and does its best to keep prices at a practical average. That said, these particular dresses are dazzling. Don’t forget to make an appointment, and keep an eye out for sample sales.