California Honeymoon Road Trip: Where to Stop

California Honeymoon Road Trip: Where to Stop


From north to south, we’ve got 6 destinations to stop at on your California coast honeymoon road trip!



Humboldt County


This rural area is ideal for starting your California honeymoon road trip. Experience the Redwoods up close and personal in all of their astounding beauty. If you two don’t mind “roughing it,” make sure to pack some camping equipment. The forests are so amazing, you aren’t going to want to leave for a hotel.









California beaches aren’t all sand and sun. In Mendocino, discover rocky coastlines and choppy ocean waves. Take a hike on one of the winding waterfront trails (don’t forget to pack a light jacket, regardless of the season) and breathe in the ocean air. Local lighthouses provide a terrific selfie backdrop to share on Instagram.







Wine Country


While Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley offer lovely landscapes of rolling hills, the real reason you visit is the wine. Book a night in a local inn so that you can have the afternoon to sample the region’s world-famous bounty. Shuttles are available to take you from vineyard to vineyard in case you enjoy the wares a bit too much.







San Francisco


Let’s be real. You could spend your entire honeymoon in San Francisco and still not experience everything The City has to offer. If you only have one day here, we have a few must-see stops to recommend. Definitely take the ferry over to Alcatraz, even if you don’t intend on touring the former prison. It’s an amazing view of the skyline as well as the Golden Gate Bridge. Indulge in a sundae at Ghirardelli Square. And last, but certainly not least, ride the trolley. Sure, these activities are all pretty touristy, but they also are a part of what makes San Francisco so utterly unique.







Santa Monica


You can take the coastal highway or the major inland freeways to get from the Bay Area to Southern California. Of course, the ocean route is much prettier, but it will also cost you a lot of time. Once you get to Los Angeles, stay in Santa Monica. You can stretch your legs and walk out all of your road trip kinks on the beach, pier, and nearby promenade. Santa Monica is also near several other dynamic Los Angeles area neighborhoods, all with varied attractions. Again, you could make a whole honeymoon out of Los Angeles, so decide on a couple things you would like to see and prioritize.







Coronado Island


Of all the San Diego neighborhoods, we think the one that merits the most attention is Coronado Island. Home to the famous red roofed-resort that was once the hot spot for Golden Age Hollywood stars, it’s an impressive destination (and a romantic place to cap off your honeymoon road trip). There are a wide range of restaurants in Coronado, but don’t worry if you didn’t pack clothes for a five-star restaurant. Many of the neighborhood’s best restaurants are casual and relaxed.