Caribbean Wedding Themes

Caribbean Wedding Themes

Tailor your Caribbean wedding ideas to be as unique as the two of you.


Whether it is a secluded luxury resort with a classic modern style, a tropical wedding with native customs, or endless entertaining nightlife, a Caribbean destination wedding can incorporate it all. Try some of these cool Caribbean wedding ideas when you plan your special day.


Luxury for Your Nuptials


The formal tones of the British-influenced islands can bring both luxury and classic charm to your wedding and reception. A chapel ceremony followed by a ballroom reception in a luxurious five-star resort incorporates all the pomp and glamour of a traditional wedding. The British islands offer an upscale destination with extremely stylish hotels and private beaches where you can prepare a sunset wedding along the shores before sitting down to an elegant dining reception. Guests can enjoy a game of cricket, ballroom dancing, water sports, or hop a ferry to the casino when not attending wedding functions.


Nightlife Adds Spice to Your I Do’s


Set your wedding in a Caribbean urban location that provides an endless round of nightlife. Rent a small villa for your wedding nuptials that also provides accommodations for you and your guests. Set the wedding in the gardens against the perfumed landscape of growing hibiscus, bougainvillea, oleander, and birds of paradise. Carry the flowers in your bouquet and add some to the groom’s boutonniere. Set bridal photographs against the lush setting or use the colonial architecture of the city as a backdrop for your bridal photographs.


An urban setting offers many activities for your guests. They will have endless options from bar-hopping or dancing the merengue at night to wind-surfing or shopping by day.


An Island Flair for Your Big Day


You can give your wedding an island flair by following the traditions of the island. Like most traditional weddings, the Caribbean bride wears a veil which the groom uncovers for the kiss. Other customs include walking under the moonlight for good luck or setting a small cedar sapling on the wedding cake that the couple later replants to symbolize their growing love.


With the addition of some Caribbean favorites to the reception menu, such as jerk chicken, grilled lobster, fried plantains, or conch fritters and the native drinks, such as tequila from Mexico or rum cocktails such as a mai tai, your wedding will quickly develop a native flair. Throw in a steel drum band, some Reggae and a Congo line, and you now have an authentic Caribbean wedding reception.


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