Catering Options in Memphis

Catering Options in Memphis


Weddings, admittedly, have a lot of details involved. There are décor items to gather, guest information to put together, and dozens of small decisions to make from the color of the groom’s tie to the style of shoes you’d like your bridesmaids to wear. However, there is one item that tends to make it to the top of every wedding-planning person’s agenda: food. Whether we’re talking about rehearsal dinners or the number of cupcakes you’ll order, food is an important part of any wedding. Fortunately, we’ve got a few Memphis wedding catering companies, bakers, and even a potential rehearsal dinner venue just to get you headed down the path to cake tasting bliss.






First course first, right? Voted one of Memphis’ favorite wedding caterers, Panini Catering by Java Coast is a highly acclaimed, locally run company that specializes in “action catering,” a type of meal preparation that focuses on creating and modifying meals and beverages on site to suit individual tastes. From pasta bars to crepe stations, Panini Catering does it all and does it well. Meanwhile, CFY Catering is another local option that receives rave reviews. Priding itself on its ability to create specifically tailored couture food, this company will draw inspiration from your favorite foods and personality to create a menu solely for your event.





A highlight at any reception, it’s true that dessert is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day. The cake cutting, the sweet tooth satisfaction – it’s all very highly anticipated, and with good reason. Eden Cakes and Cake Occasion are both bakeries that rise to the challenge of creating a custom cake that will appeal to both the eyes and the palate. Each has cake flavors that go far beyond the basics.



Rehearsal Dinner


While the task of preparing for the rehearsal dinner traditionally falls to someone other than the person in charge of catering for the reception itself, it’s always nice to have a suggestion or two up your planning sleeve – not to mention an opportunity to be helpful with the in-laws. And although this particular foodie haunt would also be a perfect spot for an intimate wedding in Memphis, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen makes for an upscale – and highly lauded – rehearsal dinner location.