Cheap Flight Deals and Packages for Your Guests

Cheap Flight Deals and Packages for Your Guests

Of course you want to keep things as easy and inexpensive as possible for your wedding guests, especially if they’re coming in from out of town. And hotel nights, one of the biggest expenses, can quickly add up.





Which is why Deal Base is such an excellent find. Basically, they round-up discounts from newsletters, hotel websites, reward programs, online travel agencies – all of the places a normal traveler doesn’t have ready access to – and put them in one, easy-to-search website.


All of the usual travel site tools are there – filtering deals by star rating or price, comparison windows so you can see prices from other travel sites – to make it easy for your guests to drill down to hotel that’s a good fit.


But, where Deal Base sets itself apart from traditional travel sites is with their packages. Rather than just giving you straight hotel prices, they have deals with free parking, free breakfast, included spa services, complimentary museum passes…all of the extras that have a tendency to accumulate into a very large credit card bill. And because it features a ‘best value’ filter your guests can instantly see how much they’re saving (58% off the hotel plus a free massage!) and put it towards something really important, like your wedding registry.


PS – This would also be a great tool for planning your honeymoon! They feature hotels all over Mexico and Hawaii, including one deal we found at a 4-star Puerto Vallarta hotel that includes daily dinner and breakfast, wine, and spa treatments for $175/night!