Colorado as the Ideal Wedding Destination!

Colorado as the Ideal Wedding Destination!


If you have chosen a U.S. destination wedding, then it’s no wonder that Colorado has found itself at the mountaintop of your list. Whether you want the rustic charm of Boulder or the snow-capped peak prestige of Vail, there are many different locations that can elevate your wedding theme to the right degree. A mile high, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are the perfect backdrop for any couple that wants to bask in the natural beauty of this state on their perfect day.



Popular Destination Wedding Locations in Colorado


Boulder: From elaborate gatehouses to quaint inns and romantic cabins, Boulder has several venues to match the cadence of your affair. Lionsgate Event Center exudes the traditional beauty of an elegant gatehouse. With manicured lawns, fountains, and enormous trees dangling with tea lights, you can invite up to 370 of your closest friends if that many are making the trek.


However, for most destination wedding couples who have a smaller wedding party and guest list, then the Wild Basin Lodge is a perfect fit. With stunning views of the mountains and an outdoor ceremony space that wows, the stone details, roaring fires, and cabin exterior are so very country-chic.



Vail: If you envision a red-carpet wedding balanced with the breathtaking landscape of the Rockies, Vail is like the Los Angeles of Colorado. With stunning 360 degree views of Vail Valley, venues like The Wedding Deck (which is a stone amphitheater atop Vail Mountain) and the Four Seasons Resort offer near-opposite experiences in the same town.



Best Ways to Entertain Destination Wedding Guests in Colorado


Estes Park: If you are getting married in Boulder, then you should make the journey out to Estes Park for the day. Only an hour away, guests can partake in the delicious fare and microbrews in the village after a day of walking some of the most pristine nature trails in the country. If you have hikers with you, plan a day to summit one of the more challenging paths like Twin Sisters, or search for Alberta Falls for some great group photos.


Denver: If you have opted for a Denver destination wedding, then you should plan a day for a microbrewery tour. Since Denver is the beer capital of the U.S., there are several shuttles and limos for hire to take small groups to some of the best in the city. If shopping supersedes sips with your group, then Cherry Creek Shopping Center always makes the top 10 ‘things to do’ list in the area.


Vail: Ski. Need I say more? If you are getting married here, chances are that a majority of your guests will take to the slopes like butter to a biscuit.



Nuts and Bolts: Basic Colorado Destination Wedding Info


It is very easy to get married in Colorado. The fees are minimal and there is no waiting period.


Fees: It varies by county, but on average it is only $10 for a marriage license. This license is valid for 30 days.


Required Documentation: Be sure to bring your state issued ID and your social security cards. If you have a passport, bring that too. A divorce decree is required if either party has been divorced as is a death certificate if either has been widowed.


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