Delicious Wedding Cakes in Cincinnati

Delicious Wedding Cakes in Cincinnati


We know you’re excited about the dress. And the venue. And we’re guessing that the amazing centerpieces you and your florist are dreaming up are pretty thrilling, too. Not to mention the shoes you finally found, and the veil (oh, the veil!), and, of course, the honeymoon. And, honestly, we think you should be over the moon for each and every one of the details that you’ve so worked so carefully to put together – but we want to make sure that you don’t forget one very critical item: the cake. Dessert tables these days are a project all of their own. From cupcakes to fruit pies, the options run the full gamut of sweet tooth satisfaction, but there will always and forever be something special about the traditional tiers of a buttercream-covered wedding cake. And if you’re looking for a wedding cake in Cincinnati, we have the best bakeries lined up for you right here.



A Spoon Fulla Sugar


Although Mary Poppins might crack a joke about helping the medicine go down, we think this particular Spoon Fulla Sugar would be much better served on a dessert plate to your favorite people. A family-owned bakery, this shop is known as one of the top wedding cake vendors in Cincinnati, and their focus is centered on custom wedding cakes.



The BonBonerie


Founded out of a love for great food and creativity, The BonBonerie is a pastry shop that bakes up some of the prettiest and most personalized wedding cakes around. From cake tasting to careful delivery, these masterpieces are centered on flavor first and artistry second, and are precisely the reason The BonBonerie has been a popular area vendor for more than 20 years. Their signature white chocolate icing doesn’t hurt anything, either.



Take the Cake


By starting with the best of ingredients and finishing with tantalizing flavor combinations, Take the Cake makes good on their promise to deliver top of the line products to their clients. From first bite to the cake cutting ceremony itself, this small local shop is closely attuned to the details of your special day.