Dining in the British Virgin Islands

Dining in the British Virgin Islands

You won’t go hungry on your honeymoon.


Honeymooning couples aren’t just concerned with a beautiful destination. Between pre-wedding diets and planning stress, brides and grooms are ready to enjoy decadent food and cocktails on their vacation! The British Virgin Islands has a wide array of cuisine to offer tourists. Although the region has strong Caribbean and West Indian roots, imported foods and a booming travel industry also has opened up the area to more North American-influenced menus.


Of course, there are a few things you should definitely seek out. They do grow their own fruits and vegetables in the British Virgin Islands, so look for dishes that put an emphasis on local produce. And, of course, fresh seafood is aplenty, so make sure to find great fish and shellfish dishes that you can’t easily get back in the States. Also, take note of the events calendar when you are honeymooning. During some local festivals, you will find delicious street food to sample and savor.


You also won’t find any lack of fabulous umbrella drinks here. From casual bars with ‘swim-up’ entrances to swanky cocktail scenes, there are many different ways to toast your new life together.


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