Do You Really Know About All of Couples Resorts’ Inclusions?

Do You Really Know About All of Couples Resorts’ Inclusions?


Sure, you’ve heard of Couples Resorts. And you know that they are all-inclusive. So that just means that all of your meals and beverages are included, right? Wrong. There is so much more to consider when looking at the value of a Couples Resort honeymoon.


For example, when you and your honey arrive at the resort, why shouldn’t you be greeted with seemingly endless amenities?  Once you get settled in, you can go on a variety of tours, from catamaran adventures to a guided nature walk. Does your fella want to get in a round of golf while you sleep in? He can, and it’s included.


You see, Couples doesn’t just keep you comfortable and well-fed. They also make sure you are having the best vacation of your lives. If you are in Jamaica, they will take you to Margaritaville. From excursions to tours, they have all of your entertainment options covered.


So whether you want to just tan on the beach with a cocktail at the ready (have we mentioned the top-shelf liquor menu?) or learn how to scuba dive in the ocean nearby, it all comes with your Couples Resort honeymoon package.


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