European Travel Advice

European Travel Advice

Here’s what you need to know about handling your passport, packing and more for your European honeymoon.

When visiting Europe, travel advice should address practical concerns you may have. Practical European travel advice includes handling your passport, credit cards, and packing.



Passport to Europe


Reservations and travel documents can get lost or stolen which is why most travelers carry a copy. A better option is to scan the passports and travel documents into your computer, email the copies to yourself, and pull up the copies if you need them. This reduces the chance the copies may be misappropriated.


Also, check the expiration date on your passport as some countries have a requirement that a passport is valid for at least six months after entering the country.



Protect Your Credit Cards Abroad


Scan and email yourself copies of credit cards you plan to use while in Europe. Call the credit card company to inform them of the dates of your departure and return. This prevents the company from thinking the card is being used fraudulently and disrupting your purchases.


One other piece of advice is to check the foreign exchange fees each credit card charges for the country you plan to visit. These fees vary per card, so select the card with the best rates for travel.



Packing Smart for Your Trip


Pack light as a suitcase gets heavier the longer you carry it. Ziploc bags can multi-task as you insert liquid supplies, small toiletries, and wet or dirty used clothes from the clean ones. An extra bag, such as a cloth duffle or tote, can act as an extra suitcase in a pinch. Bring used (rather than new) books to read on your vacation that you can leave behind once completed. This adds space to your suitcase for your travel souvenirs.



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