Experience Your Dream Honeymoon in Italy

Experience Your Dream Honeymoon in Italy

With plenty of options for adventure, Italy is perfect for your destination wedding or honeymoon.

The miracle of Italy is that all of its treasures come packaged in a gorgeous country of majestic mountains, placid lakes, idyllic islands, splendid cities, and wonderful walled villages. With an ideal climate, warm and gracious people, and tons of adventure options, Italy is a perfect place for your destination wedding or honeymoon.


Doing nothing in Italy is NOT easy!! Tour one of the many Italian art museums that they are famous for, in fact, there is no Italian city which does not contain and cherish some share of this wealth of art. Or attend and find out why Italy is the Opera’s ancestral home. If you’re looking for something more hands on try your hands at pottery or blowing glass, or relax at a legendary Roman spa to rejuvenate your body and soul!! Whatever you’ve dreamed of, in Italy you will find the most unique experiences, the best sightseeing, and it won’t take long to find out why out of all the countries in the world, there is no destination more magical than Italy.


Drive a Ferrari through the magnificent Tuscan hills, enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight at a restaurant that features only one cozy table for two, get an exclusive after-hours peek at one of Italy’s greatest treasures –the Sistine Chapel, or discover the secrets of Venice or  Rome while wandering on the ancient, cobbled streets. Choose an all-inclusive Italian honeymoon and have the opportunity to stay in multiple different cities throughout your stay, a bottle of champagne on arrival, an expert travel guide to show you all the must-see art museums, your very own chauffer to take you to the legendary opera, and even a private cooking class from the Countess. Whatever you choose in Italy your honeymoon can be as magical and inspired as your imagination allows!!


Italian resorts have many all-inclusive destination wedding packages to choose from that include your rehearsal dinner with your family and friends, a wine tour, cooking courses, a delicious wedding cake, and the ceremony of your dreams. If you want to plan yourself, remember, Italy is known as the country of amore – the country of love!! So, of course, it offers every possible destination wedding option. Whether you want to tie the knot in an opulent Civil Wedding Palace, exchange your vows in a beautiful Roman Catholic Church, or try a different twist and have a symbolic wedding in a balloon floating over a breathtaking view of the city your fairytale wedding will become a reality in Italy.



Language: The official language is Italian, but it can be spoken in many different regional dialects such as Gallo-Italian, Tuscan, Venetian, Lombard, and many more!!


Time Zone: Italy is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the USA and Canada. Daylight saving time in Italy goes into effect each year usually from the end of March to the middle of October.


Currency and Banks/ATMs: The new monetary currency is the Euro, and visitor’s who arrive without foreign currency can obtain Euros at any bank, ATM, or exchange office. Most banks or ATMs accept debit or credit cards with international logos.


Entry Requirements: A valid passport is required to enter or leave Italy.



The moderating influence of the sea and the protection given by the Alpine barrier from the cold north winds join to bless Italy with a temperate climate. Nevertheless, the weather varies considerably according to how far one is from the sea or the mountains. The winter is very cold in the Alps, cold and foggy in the Po Plain and the central Apennines; mild and even warm on the Ligurian coast, the Neapolitan coast and in Sicilia. The summer is hot and dry, but the temperature is mitigated on the coast by sea breezes and in the Apennines and Alps it is pleasantly cool. In mountain areas, winter is ideal for skiing, and summer for excursions, hiking, etc. Seaside and lake resorts, with their excellent hotel facilities, have an intense tourist season in the summer, while the cities that are rich in art treasures are ideal in spring and autumn.