Florida Honeymoon Ideas: 10 Great Attractions

Florida Honeymoon Ideas: 10 Great Attractions

Planning a Florida honeymoon is easy! Here are 10 fantastic things to see and do in the Sunshine State.


There are so many amazing things to see in Florida. Sure, Disney World is great, but this state is about so much more than Orlando’s Magic Kingdom.


East Coast History

With the Castillo National Monument and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida’s east coast is full of rich history. Take a day trip to visit these sites to learn more about the US from Native American cultures through the dynamic beginnings of space exploration.


The White Sands of Mexico Beach

Okay, a Florida beach is certainly a no-brainer. But the sands in Mexico Beach make it a must-see.  The pure quartz sand beach stays cool even during the sunniest days, and the temperatures in Mexico Beach stay fairly mild through the early summer.  And with generous beach access throughout the city, you will have no problem finding a place to relax overlooking the Gulf.


Downtown Key West


Cultural Festivals in Key West

The Florida Keys and Key West host a seemingly endless amount of fascinating and entertaining festivals. From boat races and fishing tournaments to a Key Lime festival in July and lighted boat parades in December, no matter when your honeymoon is, you can have an unforgettable time.


Miami’s Culinary Creations

Miami is one of the fittest cities in the nation, but with all of that delicious food, how do they do it?! While this city is known for trendy, over-the-top dining establishments, it is the quieter, low-key institutions that we love best.  Because of Miami’s unique cultural composition, the blend of Southern flavors, Cuban traditions, and plentiful seafood makes for some great meals. Try Joe’s Stone Crab, El Palacio De Los Jugos, and Ortanique on the Mile for wondrous nights out.


Wakulla Spring State Park


Boat Tours at Wakulla Spring State Park

Florida’s unique wildlife and foliage is on full display in Mexico Beach.  Take one of their daily boat tours to see how Florida does nature up close and personal. On days where the water is super clear, you can see straight down into the deep trench from a glass-bottomed boat.  If you two would prefer a more do-it-yourself journey, you can always take an adventurous hike on one of their many trails.


Christ of the Abyss


Christ of the Abyss

Speaking of aquatic adventures, try your hand at underwater travel off the coast of Key Largo.  There you will find a submerged statue based upon the one with the same name in Italy.  So throw on your snorkeling gear and find a waterproof camera to capture your exploration!


beach on anna Maria Island with a blue striped umbrella


Anna Maria Island

Located near St. Petersburg, this tiny island is a slice of beach town paradise. Expect things to move a little slower as you soak up the charm of this little-known jewel.  The location of movies and the home of many sea turtles, Anna Maria Island is brimming with local cafes and pretty beaches. Enjoy!


The Houses of Ocala Historic District

Everyone has different interests, and if the two of you run a bit toward architecture geekdom, you are going to love Ocala’s Historic District. Filled with over 200 glorious historical homes, this neighborhood’s expanse will wow you as the two of you stroll the streets hand in hand.


Ringling Museum of Art

This opulent art museum in Sarasota has grand collections from ancient works to modern masterpieces. But, really, the charm of this museum is all about the circus. Tour the exhibits that you have come to associate the name Ringling with and enjoy some childhood nostalgia in the process. Plus, the buildings and grounds are stunning.


Ernest Hemmingway's home


Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum

You’re not the only one with a tattered, dog-eared copy of The Sun Also Rises.  Fans of Hemingway flock to see his legendary Key West house and learn about his bibliography and life. Tour the unbelievable gardens and the home that inspired Hemingway and many of his characters. If you need even more Hemingway, there is a festival in Key West every year celebrating his influence and works.