France: The Ideal Honeymoon Destination

France: The Ideal Honeymoon Destination



From the breathtaking splendor of the French Alps to the beauty of Paris, France is an incredibly romantic country and perfect for your destination wedding or honeymoon.


With so much to do and see you’ll want to return to France again and again. Visit the vineyards that produce your favorite French wine, unwind and revitalize at one of France’s invigorating spas, take a religious tour at a historic pilgrimage, or just relax and enjoy the sun together on the miles and miles of France’s mesmerizing coastline. If you’re looking to get a little more active hike, bike, or ski on the diverse and pristine French mountains, golf on one of the 500 beautifully landscaped courses, or explore one of the lively cities or charming towns. Whatever you’ve dreamed, France will make your destination wedding or honeymoon memorable and magical.


For centuries France has been known to the world as the home of lover’s, and even today is a top destination for honeymooning couples. Imagine spending the night in an ancient castle in which French royalty once lived and then the next day wandering together the street of Chartres, in which you will view some of the most magnificent stained glass windows you will ever see. If your honeymoon dream involves the soothing and romantic sound of the ocean Nice, France can make that dream a reality with one of the most premier beaches in the entire world. Choose an all-inclusive honeymoon package and stay in multiple cities with beautiful honeymoon suites, a dinner cruise with gourmet cuisine and romantic dancing, an exciting itinerary to wineries, museums, and castles, and a bottle of champagne upon arrival. Whatever your dreams are, celebrate your love in a land filled with romance where history and intrigue wait around every cobbled corner.


Whether it is tying the knot within sight of the Eiffel Tower or saying “I do” in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral, France will not only help to make your dreams come true but with a destination wedding package can take the stress and the worry off of your shoulders and allow you the luxury of enjoying your perfect day with no worries whatsoever. France has it all. From Paris, the City of Lights, where your special day can be anything from high-fashion chic to 50’s Bohemian, to the grand French countryside where you can find ancient castles to have a medieval style wedding, every dream you’ve ever had about your destination wedding can come true in France.



Language: The official language of France is French. Most French people working in the tourism industry and in related fields speak English. Others speak foreign languages, but as a general rule, there will always be someone who understands you!


Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time plus 1 hour


Currency: The new monetary currency is the Euro, and visitor’ who arrive without foreign currency can obtain Euros at any bank, ATM, or exchange office. Most banks or ATMs accept debit or credit cards with international logos.


Entry Requirements: A valid passport is required to enter or leave France.



France has the benefit of a temperate, rather agreeable climate. Three types of climates may be found within France: oceanic, continental, and Mediterranean. The oceanic climate, in the western parts of the country, is one of small temperature range, ample rainfall, cool summers, and cool but seldom very cold winters. The continental type of climate, found over much of eastern and central France is characterized by warmer summers and colder winters than areas farther west; rainfall is ample, and winters tend to be snowy, especially in the higher areas. The Mediterranean climate, widespread throughout the south of France (except in the mountainous southwest), is one of cool winters, hot summers, and limited rainfall. The average temperature is about 53° F in Paris and 59° F in Nice. In central and southern France, annual rainfall is light to moderate, ranging from about 27 inches in Paris to 39 inches in Bordeaux. Rainfall is heavy in Brittany, the northern coastal areas, and the mountainous areas, where it reaches more than 44 in.