Honeymoon Destinations for Same Sex Couples

Honeymoon Destinations for Same Sex Couples


Choosing a gay-friendly honeymoon destination for same-sex couples may seem simple, but with so many European and Caribbean countries still restricting same-sex marriage (and some U.S. states), it can be a disappointment to feel uncomfortable on one of the happiest vacations of your life.



Instead, there are many welcoming and equality-minded  honeymoon destination spots that can make your honeymoon as sweet as it should be



Gay-Friendly Honeymoon Hotspots in the U.S.


Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas is known for its amazing shows and luxurious accommodations. For the couple that loves to dance the night away, Vegas prides itself on having top-notch gay bars like Krave, Piranha, and Goodtime Bar & Nightclub. Aside from the clubbing and casinos, couples can take a helicopter ride over the strip or dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world. Best hotel? Mandalay Bay is very popular with same-sex couples.



Key West, FLFrom the gay and lesbian trolley tour to drag queens at one of the many avant garde theaters and downtown live music joints, Key West prides itself on being colorful and including every person into their “one-human family”. From snorkeling the coral reefs to sipping mojitos on Duval Street, Key West truly is a tropical getaway worthy of a few sun-kissed afternoons.




Best Gay-Friendly Relaxing Honeymoon Destinations


Napa Valley, CAFrom massages and mud baths at some of the best spas in the entire world to sipping Pinot among golden leaved vineyards, it doesn’t get any more romantic than Napa Valley. With quaint B&B’s and luxury hotels to choose from, this is an Italian-inspired honeymoon experience without the jet lag or the passport.



Gay-Friendly Honeymoon Spots Around the World


Argentina – For couples who want to see one of the Wonders of the World, Argentina has it. Iguazu Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls. This jet-stream of water creates a natural border between Argentina and Brazil, making it a poetic point of division. Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino is secluded and offers full-service accommodations from hotel restaurants to live cabaret in their posh cafe by night.


CuracaoKnown for their “live and let live” slogan, their website is one of the few that openly encourages same-sex couples to visit. From strolling the sherbet colored casitas of Willemstad to dining on freshly caught fish by some of the best local free-hand fisherman in the world, this below-the-hurricane-belt honeymoon spot has drinks to die for and year-round sun to soak up.


SabaThis may be the most private island you’ve never heard of. Twenty-eight miles east of St. Maarten, this island getaway isn’t overrun by tourists and instead serves seclusion with a side of exclusivity. Accommodations here are more like sprawling mansions in the Hollywood Hills and only allow for up to 18 guests to stay at a time.


If you want to get outdoors, be sure to hike Mount Scenery (need we say more) and frolic in the sapphire tinged sea while enjoying calling each other by your newly shared last name.