Get Married in Tahiti!

Get Married in Tahiti!

With blissful beaches and crystal blue waters, you might want to spend your destination wedding and your honeymoon here.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to be married in Tahiti, now a practical one! U.S. couples can now have their destination weddings in Tahiti legally recognized. French Polynesia is a gorgeous region, and Tahiti is filled with all of the white sand beaches, crystal blue ocean, and warm breezes every destination wedding and honeymoon need. Get married in Tahiti and immediately settle into honeymoon bliss. But before you jet off to paradise, you need to know a few key things first:



1.Start planning early. There are some forms for you to fill out, and they can take time to process. Much like applying for a passport, timelines are contingent to demand and can be unpredictable, so make sure you are prepared. If you are using a wedding planner or working with a resort, also confirm with them the timing of these documents. They can probably help you ensure that you have remembered everything you will need and help you stay on top of the processing.


2.You both need to be at least 18, and of the opposite sex.


3.While you can have your Tahiti destination wedding anywhere, the actual legal ceremony has to take place at City Hall. Here, you will be provided with your marriage certificate.



For more information on destination weddings in Tahiti and for the latest updates in legal documents and required paperwork, check out Tahiti’s official tourism site.