Have Fun in Bora Bora!

Have Fun in Bora Bora!

French Polynesia’s Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet.  It’s also one of the most romantic. Stay in a bungalow and wiggle your toes in the sand in this lovely island paradise.  Here are a few things to make your honeymoon in Bora Bora completely memorable!



Mount Otemanu


With an amazing view of Bora Bora awaiting you, the climb up Mount Otemanu seems like a good idea. But unless you are an extremely experienced hiker, you should go with a guide (who can also point out all sorts of hidden historical treasures along the trails). Either way, don’t be expecting to submit this extinct volcano. That rough peak is composed of fairly lightweight volcanic rock, and will fall apart underneath your feet (and certainly incapable of allowing you to clip into it).  The hiking you can do is often very muddy with tricky terrain, so don’t take this adventure lightly.  There are plenty of other trails around Bora Bora with magnificent scenery in the area. Talk to your hotel’s staff to get their nearby recommendations.



Coral Gardens


Bora Bora’s lagoon is ripe with opportunities for snorkeling. The massive coral gardens and schools of tropical fish will enthrall you.  Visitors often say that this trip into the colorful underwater world of Bora Bora was the favorite part of their vacation. There are plenty of tour groups to guide you on this simple excursion, and make sure to wear plenty of waterproof sunscreen (it’s easy to lose track of time with sights this amazing).





Vaitape is Bora Bora’s largest town, with a population of about 5,o00.  But you can expect to find small shops perfect for souvenirs for family and friends back home and quiet cafes to enjoy a cocktail.  If you are taking a cruise to Bora Bora, Vaitape is where you will dock.  With all of the time you’ve been spending soaking up the sun and playing in the water, it’s nice to take a ‘tourist’ day and relax in this laidback community.



From the Air


Getting a bird’s eye view of Bora Bora is a delightful treat. You can take a helicopter tour, which will take you around to many of the highlights in the area (such as Mount Otemanu and over the lagoon). If you are a bit more hands-on and feel like a small adventure, try parasailing.  Even though it can be a little bit expensive, it’s definitely a memorable honeymoon moment!



From the Sea


Sure, you’ve been snorkeling around the lagoon and wading in the water, but just imagine how great it would be to see Bora Bora’s coastline from a yacht or speedboat.  Pretty much every type of motorized boat is available for tour or to rent. You can even go under the sea with a mini-submarine excursion and channel your inner Jacques Cousteau!