Have Fun on a US Honeymoon

Have Fun on a US Honeymoon


Whether you want a US honeymoon that is a whirlwind of tourist attractions or just a relaxing affair, the diverse regions of the United States have much to offer. From the bustling urban centers to the golden sunshine shores, your US honeymoon will captivate your imagination and fulfill your wanderlust.



Tourists on Their Honeymoon


Large urban centers provide luxury accommodations, fine dining, and a wealth of things to do. You can take in a musical, attend a ball game, or bar hop through the city. Catch an impromptu jazz session at the park or visit one of many museums ranging from the fine arts to technology. Other attractions you might enjoy include sipping wine on a wine tour, attending an outdoor music festival, or strolling along the boulevard shopping.



Relaxing After the Wedding


Coastal areas offer alternate activities to enjoy such as lying on the beach perfecting a tan to a variety of water sports. Water sports range from solo sports such as surfing, water skiing, parasailing, or swimming to group sports, like boating, sailing, or kayaking. For something totally unique and memorable, paragliding from the cliffs down to the ocean for the extreme honeymoon memory and photo opportunity.



Outdoor Fun for the Newlyweds


With a myriad of state parks and outdoor attractions, consider renting an RV and touring the states. Begin on one coast and camp along the way at the state parks. State parks charge a nominal fee for overnight stays and can extend your budget. RVing allows you to view historic sights, taste the many delicacies of each region, and experience nature’s beauty such as seeing the Grand Canyon or Redwood Forest up close.



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