Honeymoon Adventure: Hot Air Balloons

Honeymoon Adventure: Hot Air Balloons


Since first invented in 1783, hot air balloons have been gaining momentum and giving honeymooners a new perspective on some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes. From Napa Valley to Cappadocia, Turkey, a hot air balloon reveals the most alluring quilt of topographical splendor no matter where you are.


Whether you soar above Luxor Temple in Egypt or brush across an array of golden and red trees in the Smoky Mountains, a hot air balloon is one of the most relaxing ways to experience the unique scenery of your honeymoon destination.



Important Hot Air Balloon Questions Answered


Technically speaking, a hot air balloon is made of a very lightweight synthetic fabric that is sewn together to create the envelope (balloon). It is then attached to lead cables via carabiners and hooked into the basket or passenger gondola. At the top of the balloon there are vents that control the release of the hot air to adjust the elevation of the balloon during flight. Hot air balloon excursions have a private pilot that can handle the flight for you, unless, of course, you are a certified hot air balloon flyer.


With baskets that can accommodate between two and 30 people, decide which type of balloon excursion you want. If you are looking for a party in the air, go for a bigger balloon. If you want intimate, go for a duo basket.


The average flight time in a hot air balloon is 45 minutes to an hour, but from launch to landing, plan for two to three hours total. For attire, wear clothing as if you were going to go hiking. Much like climbing in elevation on foot, temperatures drop the higher you go.



Best Places to Hot Air Balloon in the World


If you happen to be in any of these exotic lands, do not miss the opportunity to experience the unique landscapes from the birds-eye view of a hot air balloon.


Cappadocia, Turkey – Because there are so many natural stone pillars in this Central Anatolian region, honeymooners will be in awe while floating above them. Couples will have fun spotting the unique homes that are carved out of the natural stone, making this ride as mind-blowing as it is majestic.



Serengeti, Tanzania – If you have always wanted to see the Serengeti, do not miss the chance to do so via a hot air balloon. Spotting zebra, giraffe, and wild antelope from above is more unique than any safari ride could dream of being.



Queenstown, New Zealand – With soaring mountains and languid lakes, a trip above Queenstown is breathtaking. In lieu of zip-lining or bungee jumping, a hot air balloon ride is a mild, yet exhilarating way to experience one of nature’s most varied panorama.



Best Places to Hot Air Balloon in the U.S.


Napa Valley, California – Wine country rolls on and on when you are tasting wine from a patio, but seeing it from above gives couples an entirely new appreciation for the leafy vines that encompass this region. Pop open a bottle of sparkling wine and drink in the view.



Smoky Mountains, Tennessee – In fall, this mountain range is ablaze with autumnal beauty. With winding roads and ambling landscapes, this is one place where you can almost hear time stand still.



Sedona, Arizona – The red rocks here seem almost neon from the sky. With the amazing formations and endless vantage points, the views can completely overtake you.



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