Honeymoon Day Trips from Las Vegas

Honeymoon Day Trips from Las Vegas

There is more to Las Vegas than just the strip. Here are the must see spots for your Vegas honeymoon.


Las Vegas is not a small city. From the towering city skyline and the Strip to the suburban sprawl that surrounds it, this place is a self-contained destination with adventures for every type of honeymooning tourist. However, if the allure of the surrounding desert landscapes is simply too much for your love-drunk eyes to bear (and it should be – the red rocks and geographic wonders in this particular section of the world are effectively incredible), we’ve got the solution. Whether you schedule them in as a day trip or plan your entire Vegas honeymoon around these escapes, we firmly believe that Lake Mead and Valley of Fire State Park are smack dab in the middle of the road to married bliss.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Boating, fishing, picnicking, and simply sitting back and soaking up some rays are all the order of the day at Lake Mead and Mohave, the heart of Lake Mead Recreation Area. The lake is a year-round attraction where water skiing, kayaking and canoeing are all favored activities. Nearby scenery is all made up of dramatic desert landscape, with towering mountains and plateaus rising above desert basics filled with wildlife and cacti. Almost the entire park is made up of the Eastern Mohave Desert, and we think a hike along one of the area’s many trails is a perfect way to get in some quality newlywed time and explore the unique ecosystems around you – especially in the winter months. However, we totally understand if you’d rather spend your time together leisurely floating around the lake via houseboat.


Valley of Fire State Park


Nevada’s oldest – and largest – state park, Valley of Fire was dedicated in 1935 and has been welcoming visitors among its red sandstone formations and Native American petroglyphs ever since. A taste of the region’s history and geography every bit as incredible as Lake Mead and Mohave, the petrified wood and complex rock structures here are worth wandering past. Summer here is hot – up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit – so adventures here are best planned as part of a spring or fall honeymoon.