Honeymoon Destination: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Honeymoon Destination: Amalfi Coast, Italy


Stretching along the Sorrentine Peninsula on the southern edge of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a honeymoon haven that consists of ornate pastel towns popping against the stone cliffs, sapphire water, and gorgeous grottos. Whether you want to spend time at a haven-in-the-sky like Ravello, or strut your fashionable self on Grand Beach in Positano or are simply craving to see the illustrious beauty of the isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast isn’t just a tourist destination, it is an elegant getaway of a lifetime.


A Mediterranean muse with plush boutique resorts, spectacular service, and breathtaking views, honeymooners who embark on an Amalfi Coast getaway understand the importance of first class experience and are willing to travel from afar to get it.



Popular Tourist Attractions – Amalfi Coast


Ravello: Known for its views perched high above the coast, couples who are lucky enough to traverse along the twisting ridgeways of Ravello will experience luscious beauty and historical lore unlike any other in Italy. Medieval and majestic, Ravello is sprinkled with 11th and 13th century sites like Ravello’s Duomo, Villa Cimbrone, and Villa Rufolo; ideal for modern day romantics.


Be sure to check out the Palazzo Avino for your honeymoon digs, which is one of the top three hotels in Amalfi with a two-star Michelin restaurant on the premises. Between sunbathing, sipping, and sun-kissed scenery, couples should venture to the Villa Rufolo castle gardens. Abloom with floral-encased views, this gorgeous private estate is just one of the many sights that lured Greta Garbo and D.H. Lawrence in their day.


Planning tip: If you happen to be honeymooning during the summer, The Ravello Festival showcases a wide range of music and arts every year.



Positano: Overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Sirenuse Islands, Positano is known for its stacked pastel buildings which create this gorgeous vertical village. The sweet life for sure, this is a village where eating, dining, and beach bumming will fill up the itinerary.


Whether you have a pair of sandals hand-fashioned in the town while you wait or climb up the winding roads to eat an al fresco meal overlooking the water (Il Ritrovo is a must-try), couples can fully emerge themselves in this mystical world and even in the Emerald Grotto if they feel up to a twilight dip.


But above all, you must take the ferry or hydrofoil ride to the Isle of Capri for at least one night. With fabulous designer boutiques and cafes on every quaint corner, this small departure from Positano is worth every moment.




Best Time to Visit Amalfi Coast


For honeymooners who want a little privacy and don’t mind milder weather, May through June and September through October are your best options. Visiting in winter is an appealing option for those who like comfortable temperatures and low hotel rates. However, in winter some of the shops and restaurants on your to-do list may not be open, so be sure to check ahead before you book.


Need to Know Info about the Amalfi Coast


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