Honeymoon Destination: Antigua

Honeymoon Destination: Antigua

With warm weather all year long and plenty of blissful beaches, you’ll never want to leave your Antigua honeymoon.

All across the globe, tropical paradise can be found; however, Antigua may be one of those places that somehow supersede them all in the three most important categories: weather, entertainment, and accommodations.


If you are looking for an island getaway that is rich in beach and long on beautiful sunny days, Antigua is one of those places that isn’t overrun with tourists or so empty you wonder if the Apocalypse took place. The perfect blend of serene and stimulating, here are the top three reasons why it should be a heavy-hitting contender for your blissful vacation.



Reason #1- The Weather is Better in Antigua


Yes, almost all Caribbean destinations will boast the best weather, but Antigua has the right coordinates for such a claim. Being so close to the equator, the year round weather hovers between upper 70’s in the winter and mid-upper 80’s in the summer. Even if upper 80’s is a little toasty for your taste, the Caribbean trade winds in this particular place cool down the beaches and inland areas enough to take the edge off of the top range of temperatures.


Because of the moderate weather year-round, couples won’t have to wonder if they will be able to take those excursions they had planned. Good weather guarantees that a wide range of eco-tours and outdoor activities will be perfectly suited with excellent weather conditions. And even though it does rain here, like most other islands, it has the privilege of having the least amount of rainfall per year in the entire eastern Caribbean.


If you know you will be traveling during most other islands’ off-seasons (summer or hurricane season), Antigua is a place where you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for a better deal.



Reason #2- The Range of Activities is Very Broad in Antigua


Staying entertained on this little slice of heaven will not be a difficult endeavor. Even though it has 365 beaches to laze around on, the topography along them makes this island unlike any other one-hit wonder. From rugged coastline to sugar sand beaches and breathtaking bays to bustling harbors, you really can’t dream up an activity you want to do without being able to book an excursion.


For adrenaline junkies there is kayaking, zip lining, parasailing, hiking (Devil’s Bridge will get your heart rate going), and rain forest Jeep tours to satiate your appetite. However, the culture here isn’t lacking either. From historic museums (The Dockyard Museum and The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda are standouts) and shopping in the harbor to nightclubs and bars verbose, Antigua caters to whatever type of traveler you are or want to be on your honeymoon.



Reason #3 – The Resorts are Budget Friendly and Exclusive


Usually, you have to choose between quality hotels and affordable rates; however, Antigua has somehow locked down this amazing combination of great quality, great rates, and amazing service.


Whether you want to book an all-inclusive resort like Sandals or are hoping to find a much more private place like a beach bungalow for two, Antigua is bursting with accommodation options that fall under the category of ‘affordably beautiful getaways’.


Sacrifice isn’t a word that Antiguans know very well, and since they live in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet, why should they? And for that matter, why should you?