Honeymoon Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Honeymoon Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo isn’t just another resort town for honeymooners –  it’s Mexico’s Mecca for lovers.

Most tropical beach honeymoon destinations can offer relaxation but not much in entertainment; however, Cabo San Lucas is a perfect mixture of outdoor excursions, nightlife, gorgeous scenery, and beachside bumming. From the Pacific Ocean’s kayaking, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving to the Sea of Cortez’ breathtaking slivers of powder beach and aquamarine waters, Cabo isn’t just another resort town; it is Mexico’s Mecca for lovers.



Popular Tourist Attractions for Honeymooners


El Arco – Ideal postcard photo op, this geological formation is accessible enough during low tide that you can walk under its iconic arches. Whether you choose to book a private cruise, a water taxi, or even kayak your way in, this is one of the top rated spots for honeymooners to spend a day exploring. Besides, not only is El Arco itself breathtaking, it is also known to be a great snorkeling and whale watching hub too.


Spas – What is a honeymoon without a little R&R? While most hotels will have their own in-house spas, it may be worth venturing out to try the most popular and decadent spas in Cabo for a special treat. The Spa at Sunset Beach is rated the #1 spa for its tranquil interior.


Playa Del Amor (Lover’s Beach) – If you simply want to frolic on the beach, you can’t beat the beauty of Playa Del Amor. Tailor made for lovers, the shallow waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Gorgeous blue water and flawless a beach, this is the spot you will be dreaming of long after your honeymoon ends.




Local Culture Clue-In


From true stories of pirates who dominated this area from the late 1500’s, to the Dutch and English invasions once Magellan charted a course to its pristine waters, countries and locals have been fighting over this gorgeous piece of land for centuries. Once colonized and settled, it wasn’t until the 1950’s when Hollywood elite like Desi Arnaz and Bing Crosby made trips to Cabo that it became a goldmine for tourists. Once more hotels, restaurants, and bars were built, Cabo quickly became one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.



Nuts And Bolts: Basic Cabo Travel Information


Travel Document Requirements: A valid U.S. passport.


Currency: The peso is the official currency; however, the American dollar is widely accepted.


Language: Spanish is spoken as the first language; however, English is spoken fluently as well.


Weather: The good news for honeymooners is that there isn’t a bad time to visit Cabo. If you are looking to save a little money on accommodations, then visit in the summer when rates and occupancy are lower. While some tropical storms may ensue during the summer months, they rarely hit the shores of Cabo itself. Keep in mind that the end of March is Spring Break for a lot of high school and college kids so if you don’t want to relive those memories as a married, responsible adult, avoid those weeks altogether.