Honeymoon Destination: Cancun, Mexico

Honeymoon Destination: Cancun, Mexico


Cancun may be one of the most popular honeymoons spots in the world but that doesn’t mean that an adventurous couple needs to stick close to the ‘Hotel Zone’ or the city center (the main part of Cancun) where hotels and clubs overrun the beaches.


Cancun’s geography means eating delicious Cajun-Creole-Caribbean fare, walking between ruins, swimming with sharks, and of course, enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches snuggled up against the Caribbean Sea, Laguna Nichupté, and Bahi­a de Mujeres.


If you want your honeymoon to be relaxing, but not boring, try your hand at some of these off-the-beaten path ways to enjoy time with your new husband or wife.



Unique Honeymoon Outings in Cancun


Shopping – Yes, you can go to any of the high-end retailers in downtown Cancun, but what you are most likely to find is overpriced goods and an outdoor mall immensely similar to those back home. Instead, focus your attention on downtown’s Avenida Tulum. This is a funky boulevard lined with shops and inexpensive food. From sombreros to serapes and real sterling silver (look for the .925 stamp to be sure), couples can load themselves up with $600 worth of merchandise duty-free.


Additionally, if you take a turn just off of Avenida Tulum you will find Parque de las Palapas, which is famous for its taco scene and expertly prepared food. If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be Anthony Bourdain, order a few tacos, a beer, and drink in the Cancun city scene like a local.



Ruins – Only 15 minutes from Cancun, the Mayan Ruins, El Meco, and El Rey are well worth the mini-trip. Hidden inside the Isla Mujeres District, these ancient testaments to Mayan culture are astoundingly spiritual and eerily romantic. Really inexpensive to visit and especially unique on a low-level tourist day, El Rey is also one of the best places to see an impressive colony of iguanas.




Insider’s Travel Tips for Cancun


To get the most out of your Cancun honeymoon, it is best to try and book your airfare and your hotel together. Package deals tend to cost much less and afford you the chance of choosing a higher-end hotel.


However, if you do snag one of the primo spots in downtown Cancun, it’s best to walk a few blocks to a cheaper hotel for hailing a cab. Most cabbies set their meter based upon the star quality of your hotel. If you are looking to save a few pesos and have a substantial ride ahead of you, head down the street to a less stellar establishment. However, the public buses in Cancun are quite nice and free even better.