Honeymoon Destination: Greece

Honeymoon Destination: Greece

Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and is known for its ancient culture that has had a significant influence on the arts, Greek Mythology, language, philosophy, politics, and sports. While enjoying your intimate destination wedding or honeymoon, you will discover a land that is drenched with a timeless romance and embraced by the Gods. With so much to do and see, you’ll want to come back to Greece again and again, perhaps for your happy anniversary!


You’ll experience charming cities and towns boasting major museums, archeological sites, hilltop monasteries, site of the ancient Olympics and the sanctuary dedicated to Zeus. Enjoy Greece’s extensive coastlines and islands cradled by the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas by basking in the sun all day or taking a refreshing dip in the sparkling blue waters, sit back, and relax while sailing into the sunset sipping on a delightful beverage aboard a beach BBQ cruise, and experience Greece’s vibrant nightlife and upbeat entertainment at a Greek dinner and dancing show. If you wish to be more active and see more, you can bike through charming Athens to the enchanting countryside, admire the city’s highlights on a walking tour, and explore the Volcanic Dodecanese Island of Nissyros. Whatever you wish for, Greece will exceed even your greatest dreams for your romantic destination wedding or honeymoon to make it that much more memorable and magical!


Greece is the perfect choice for your romantic honeymoon. Just imagine hot sun, warm seas, pristine beaches, and diverse landscape from the pristine Greek Islands to the bustling city of Athens. Wherever you decide to honeymoon in Greece, there is rich history to be discovered and a timeless romance to be expressed. In Greece you can spend your time strolling through the streets of Charming Santorini, or indulge every one of your senses at an exclusive resort. Tantalize your taste buds with the sensational Greek cuisine while enjoying the charming ambience in a romantic setting, or taking delight in sumptuous dessert while admiring the starry sky blessing you from above. If you’re looking for the sweet sound of the calming waves and the incoming tide, Greece promises you a relaxing and sentimental beach experience for your honeymoon. Choose an all-inclusive honeymoon and stay in multiple cities with an array of intimate honeymoon suites, a variety of sunset dinner cruises with exceptional cuisine, thrilling and breathtaking excursions, and much more. Whatever your honeymoon dreams may be, reserve your most cherished memories of your honeymoon in a land created for love by the Gods above!


Language: The official language of Greece is Greek. The people who work for Greece’s tourism and travel industry and in related fields do speak English.


Time Zone: Coordinated Universal Time plus two (UTC +2)


Currency: The currency of Greece is the Euro and visitors who arrive without currency can obtain Euros at any bank, ATM, or exchange office. Most banks and ATMs accept debit cards and credit cards with international logos.


Entry Requirements: A valid passport is required to enter or leave Greece.



Due to Greece’s geographical position, its diversity between the mainland and the sea, the climate in Greece ranges tremendously. Its semi-arid Mediterranean climate includes plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, and low average annual rainfall. The best time to travel to Greece is during the cooler, magnificent months of spring and summer. In summer, dry hot days are cooled the Meltemi winds, resulting from a high pressure system, while mountainous regions experience a lower climate. In winter the lowland areas are mild but the mountains are usually covered in snow.



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