Honeymoon Destination: Las Vegas, NV

Honeymoon Destination: Las Vegas, NV

A Las Vegas honeymoon will give you and your sweetheart a chance to experience world reknown destinations in one city!


Deciding to have your honeymoon in Las Vegas is not only a smart decision–it allows you to see the Wonders of the World without the need for passports, learning new languages, or vaccines!


Drifting Down a Venetian Canal


Reminiscent of the canals in Venice, the Venetian Hotel offers both private and group rides through their unique and lengthy series of canals. Guided by a gondolier who may even serenade you in Italian, you can choose whether to stay indoors or venture outside (depending on the weather). To make this a really authentic gondola ride, the new couple is encouraged to kiss under each bridge!


Paris, Anyone?


For many, the most romantic city in the world will always be considered Paris, France. If you and your newly minted spouse dream of going to Paris but don’t have the francs available right now, then visiting the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is your best bet. While not as tall or wide as the actual Tower, the Vegas rendition is still spectacular.


Venture up to the observation deck (460 feet high) and you’ll be awestruck by the amazing views of the surrounding mountain range and the bustling city below. Want to really be blown away by the view? Then ascend this mini-version at night. You can see the lights of the city as well as the planes landing and taking off at the nearby airport. Hungry? Enjoy a romantic meal in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Bonjour!


Air Ride to the Grand Canyon


Tired of the casinos and busy streets? Want to spend some special ‘alone time’ together? Then charter a helicopter for a day trip to one of the most amazing earthly-wonders in the lower 48 – the Grand Canyon.


Grand Adventure Tours on TripAdvisor offers an amazing selection of tours into the Grand Canyon. When you charter a helicopter, you will zoom over the canyon with a knowledgeable pilot who can point out the various rock formations and points of interest such as the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. After a thorough air tour, your aircraft will touch down so you can see the beauty up close. Enjoy a romantic picnic, refreshments, and a few hours to explore the wonders that water and time have created.