Honeymoon Destination: Moorea

Honeymoon Destination: Moorea

With a number of outdoor activities to do, you’ll never be bored during your Moorea honeymoon.

If you’ve dreamt of a lush tropical location to enjoy some rest and relaxation after your ceremony, you couldn’t have picked a better place than Moorea. Situated in French Polynesia and considered to be the “little sister” to the more tourist-filled Tahiti, Moorea combines beautiful scenery along with a number of outdoor activities to keep you busy all vacation long.


With crystal blue waters that you can either gaze upon while holding hands with your lovey or dive into with snorkel and mask, you’re sure to find a sport that will bring tons of fun and amazing memories to boot.  Water not your thing?  No problem!  Since the island is fairly small and mountainous, you can confine your sight-seeing to land with hikes and ATVs.



Snorkeling Fun!          


If you’re ready to view some of the best marine life in the world, then you have chosen the right honeymoon location.  If you decide to stay in an overwater bungalow (it literally looks like you’re floating!), you can simply climb down the ladder into the water with your gear and swim for hours oohing and ahhing at all that you see.  If you would rather be guided, many of the local hotels can set you up with a knowledgeable guide who can point out various fish and coral to you.  Tours in the lagoon can last as little as half a day or as long as a full day – depending on your budget and preference.



Being on the Water Instead of In It


If you would rather play on top of the water while in Moorea, you’ll find several options available to you.  Rent jet skis, canoes, or catamarans to get away from it all and enjoy some important alone time.  Another alternative is to go on a sailing tour by chartering a boat.  This can be both relaxing and informative – as long as you don’t choose to be the one to raise the sails and man the jib.  For even more excitement, try your hand at kite surfing.  With a constant prevailing wind, kite surfing is very popular in Moorea.



By Land – Moorea on Foot and Four Wheels


The most obvious spot to spend your time on land is still the beaches.  With both white and black sand beaches available, many honeymooners have to spend at least a day or two lounging in the sun and basking in each other’s love.  However, don’t let the rest of the island go unnoticed.



Three Coconuts Pass Trail – This well-known trail in Moorea offers some of the best views of the island.  This trail is considered a medium grade trail and can be done as a half-day hike.  Remember, you’ll need transportation to the trailhead and back to your hotel so plan accordingly.  It is also advised that you take a guide, like one from Tahiti Evasion, to help you find your way on some of the more difficult to find paths.


For something a little more fast and furious, consider an ATV tour of the island.  ATV Moorea Tours will take you through flora and fauna and give a real appreciation for all that Moorea has to offer.  See volcanoes and pineapple fields on tours that can last as little as 2 ½ hours and up to almost four.