Honeymoon Destination: South Carolina

Honeymoon Destination: South Carolina

Boasting idyllic landscapes, ranging from miles of eminent coast and breathtaking beaches, dashing metropolitan cities to unspoiled country, South Carolina promises you the perfect destination wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway, or anniversary. Experience the dense woods of South Carolina promising you a magical backdrop of forested mountains adorned with cascading waterfalls streaming into black-water rivers, and pristine inland lakes. Whether you are hiking, biking, or fishing along the Blue Ridge Mountains or taking a horseback ride through astonishing state parks, there is a plethora of activities awaiting you here. Accommodate yourselves in the company of Charleston, known as the most romantic city in South Carolina, where beautiful architecture and rich history enhances Old South charm in the historic downtown district. Lined with cobblestone streets and colored by the fragrant hidden gardens, Charleston is a place that welcomes you to shop, eat, and have fun. Bask in the sun upon a white sandy beach and discover secluded island shores and their natural wonders where your worries melt away with the warming sun. Cuddle up under a blanket and admire the sun setting below the Atlantic’s sparkling horizon while the star’s slowly peek out of the sky above blessing the silence and beauty of night in South Carolina.


Once you have discovered the timeless secrets and natural elegance of South Carolina, you are sure to be eagerly awaiting your return to this beautiful, welcoming, genteel state. Honeymoon in the cozy comfort of a cabin surrounded by the great outdoors, or stay in the elegance of a luxurious villa surrounded by the exhilarating sounds, sights, and aromas of South Carolina’s many metropolitan cities. Catch the summer breeze together on a scenic cruise around the harbor, enjoy a plantation tour, or experience the thrill and excitement on a ghost tour around Charleston. Choose an all-inclusive resort which may include an beachfront honeymoon suite where the two of you will choose to drift away to the tranquil rhythm of the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy refreshing concoctions, gourmet dining from world-class chefs, and tons of fascinating activities. Once you choose South Carolina you will know you have come to the right place for all your honeymoon dreams to come true and enhance them with every whim!



Language: The official language of South Carolina is English.


Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


Currency: The currency of South Carolina is the US Dollar ($) and banks and ATM’s are located all around the cities.



South Carolina boasts a subtropical climate with plenty of humidity and long hot summers reaching temperatures up to 90 degrees. Temperatures are a bit higher in coastal areas, while the mountainous areas experience cooler conditions, and on average winters are short and mild. Rainfall almost always occurs in the spring and summer.



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