Honeymoon Destination: Switzerland

Honeymoon Destination: Switzerland

Whether passing through or planning an entire honeymoon beneath the breathtaking crests and peaks of Switzerland’s near year-round winter wonderland, a Switzerland honeymoon is a nature lover’s nirvana.


Whether passing through or planning an entire honeymoon beneath the breathtaking crests and peaks of Switzerland’s near year-round winter wonderland, a Switzerland honeymoon is a nature lover’s nirvana. Depending on what time of year you choose to take your honeymoon, there is no bad season in Switzerland. You will either be dazzled by summer’s jeweled sky and emerald meadows or winter’s majestic snow-capped mountains and cozy chalets. Spring is just as beautiful with snow-melt waterfalls and wildflowers and fall has some of the most awe-inspiring changing leaves on earth.


Climate Control: Seasons in Switzerland

The climate is very similar to the U.S., meaning that you can expect summer to be taking place from June through August and for winter to stretch from December to February. However, any time of year is unbelievably beautiful and perfect for honeymooners who want to feel as on top of the world as they are.


Three-Day Thoroughfare: The Abbreviated Swiss Honeymoon

If your honeymoon includes touring multiple countries in West Central Europe like Switzerland as well as Germany and France, there are a few Swiss must-do’s. For three-day Switzerland honeymooners, make sure that you begin your trip in Lucerne. Lucerne’s Old Town is famous for its medieval European architecture, so spend the first day taking in sights like the famous Chapel Bridge and The Swiss Museum of Transport.


On the second day, be sure to take the Golden Round Trip adventure to Pilatus and back. It is a picturesque lake cruise followed by a cogwheel train climb up Dragon Mountain. Nearly 7,000 feet later you will be able to stand hand-in-hand for a seventy-three alpine summit view. Yep, that’s right seventy-three!


Then hit the road to finish your stay in Interlaken. On the way there, take Aareschlucht’s 40-minute walkable hike through water-cut tunnels, and conclude your trip with a jaunt or train ride in the Jangfrau mountain range. The world-famous Jungfraujoch Mountain is called the Top of Europe for a reason.


Ten-Day Trippers: The Full Monty of Swiss Beauty

For the honeymooners who want to see all that Switzerland has to offer, you have chosen wisely. You will want to land in Basel, the Three-Country-Corner, which is an easy hub to all other locations by train or car. The town itself is known for its romantic architecture and has day cruises across city-side water ways to set the mood.


After you’ve rested and gotten a taste for Swiss culture, head to Montreux. If you take the four-hour ride by car, you may be able to see a few Freiberger wild horses that are still native to the region on your way. Once in Montreux, be sure to visit the 13th Century Chillon castle and then take a cog wheel train up Rochers de Naye for a 3,000 foot view of Lake Geneva. Stay a night at the luxe Hotel Eden Palace au Lac and then head to Bern.


Bern is a modern shopping spree spectacle. This is the place to try some amazing food and drink. After you’ve tasted and seen, Interlaken and Zermatt are next. Tour the Beatus Caves in Interlaken and, of course, take a gondola up to the one and only Matterhorn in Zermatt.


What’s next? Ascona’s lake-side villages and a trip to the valleys of Tocino. Then mosey on over to St. Mortiz where you will embark upon the creme-de-la-creme of mountain views. The views are so gorgeous you may wonder if you’ve died and gone to honeymoon heaven. Be sure to snag a hotel with a view of the Upper Engadine range, since it may be the most magnificent part of the trip. All you have to do is pop a bottle of champagne and drink in the views.


Wind down your 10-day excursion with a stop off in Appenzell and hike Lake Seealp. Dine at the summit restaurant which offers panoramic views of your newly trod path. By the time you fly out of Zurich you will feel like a Switzerland native. You may even be tempted to move you and your new spouse to a cozy chalet Swiss-side. Besides, who needs reality when you have heaven on earth?


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