Honeymoon Destination: The Maldives

Honeymoon Destination: The Maldives

Looking to honeymoon to the beautiful islands that make up Maldives? You won’t hate it.

Advertised as a place where the locals and tourists walk on ‘the sunny side of life,’ the Indian Ocean island of Maldives is as inviting as it is enticingly romantic. A combination of 26 atolls, this cluster of islands rise from the froth of the Laccadive Sea and have become one of the most exclusive and intimate destinations in the entire world.


From diving electric colored reefs to experiencing a private massage on a deserted island, choosing a Maldivian honeymoon is one that won’t only be emblazoned on your memory for years to come, but it is a destination that few couples can claim to have visited. Bragging rights? Yours to claim completely.



Popular Tourist Attractions


Diving: The water here has high visibility all year, which means that you won’t have to time your honeymoon with any particular season to see the most beautiful underwater sea life. With over 1000 species of fish and over 3000 coral reefs, the free flowing tides are unique to this area which encourages a collection of small marine creatures as well as miniature plants to thrive.


Whether you want to spy mantas and sharks or shrimp and colorful fish of all shapes and sizes, a dive trip in the Maldives is well worth getting in over your head.



Water Sports: If you love water, than there is no better place to hang your honeymoon hat. Surrounded by wonderful weather conditions and beautiful bodies of water, no matter if you want to board a catamaran for a sunset cruise, try your hand at surfing, or simply snorkel in the hotel bay.


Every accommodation on the island has an abundance of sand and surf enjoyment to pack your day as full as you want with water baby activities.



Spa & Relaxation: The Maldivian experience is meant to soothe and relax even the most tense brides and grooms. From miles of powder soft beach to massage huts capping off sun streaked docks, couples who want to enjoy every moment of their vacation must book a spa treatment while here.


Traditional healing methods and island secrets by the local hakeembe (healing experts), have been incorporated into special spa programs at all local spas which creates a completely new spa experience for the utmost in relaxation (no vanilla Swedish massage here).




Local Culture Clue In


A mixing pot of cultures, the Maldivian people may vary in appearance from one person to the next. A long history of people who flow in and out of the country’s borders have made this area one of the most adaptable in the entire region. Modernized in comparison to years past, the culture here is quick to embrace tourism and therefore happy to experience cultures and beliefs that fall outside their own.



Best Time to Visit the Maldives


From December to April is what is their dry season. And while the weather will be the sunniest during these months, it will also be the most busy which means higher rates for honeymooners. May through November is considered the low season with higher humidity and a higher chance for damp days; however, rates are much lower and the temperatures are mild and welcoming.