Honeymoon Destination: U.S. Virgin Islands

Honeymoon Destination: U.S. Virgin Islands

Get ready to island hop like a pro during your honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Narrowing down a honeymoon spot can be the hardest wedding-planning detail to tackle. But if you have chosen the U.S. Virgin Islands as your locale, then you can begin packing for Caribbean perfection. The clamoring of coastal calm and glittering nightlife meld together to create a tri-island collection of can’t-miss sights and sounds. From sun-soaking on some of the most pristine beaches in the world to shopping for designer duds among the rich and famous, get ready to island hop like a pro because you can’t experience it all by staying in one place.



Popular Tourist Attractions


St. CroixConsider yourself an eco-tourist? Then consider it no more and visit St. Croix. If you go here, you must dive here. With so many densely populated coral reefs and aquamarine waters, don’t miss a chance to see it all through your own eyes. The St. Croix Ultimate Blue Water Adventures or Sweet Bottom Dive Center are excellent tours both known for their superb customer service and secret dive spots. However, no trip here would be complete without seeing the Buck Island Reef National Monument. Situated on 176 acres and surrounded by 704 acres of water, the views are breathtaking as is the catamaran ride out.



St. Thomas –  You’d better beach it. From top-rated strips of sand like Lindquist Beach, Honeymoon Beach (no-brainer!), and Sapphire Beach, you may wear out your beach towel with so many impeccable beach-bumming landscapes to choose from. But don’t get too sun-soaked because St.Thomas is not a place to sit for too long. Honeymooners must visit the 17th century castle named after Blackbeard himself in Charlotte Amalie or sip an ice-cold brew at the restaurant/bar Mountain Top situated 1,500 feet up St. Peter Mountain. Talk about a table with a view, huh? Additionally, shopping here is duty-free and divine. Head out to Main Street (Dronningen’s Gade) and Waterfront Highway for his-and-hers Rolexes or Lacoste polos.



St. JohnNature lovers need to nest here a few days. The island itself is quite mountainous lending its byways to excellent mountain biking and trail hikes. Whether you rent a bike for a half day or a full day, it’s fairly inexpensive – between $45-$90. St. John also offers sunset or moonrise horseback rides on the beach. Since a large portion of the beaches here is protected as a National Park, you will be hard-pressed to find a more secluded and romantic way to gallop into the night. Whatever you do with your time, you will find nature’s beauty at its most unmarred in the entire Caribbean.



Culture Clue-In: Full of artisans and eccentrics, the U.S. Virgin Islands has a rich history vibrantly proven through its amazing arts and craft fairs as well as its 17th and 18th century architecture. A wonderful place to stroll and souvenir shop, the people of these isles are as beautifully gracious as the landscape itself.




Nuts and Bolts: Basic USVI Travel Info


Travel Document Requirements: None- except a valid state ID (Easiest ‘international’ travel around)


Currency: The U.S. dollar (sounding better by the second, huh?)


Language: You guessed it, English.


Weather: The weather here stays between the 70’s and 80’s all year-round. Very rarely stepping out of the 80’s, it is fairly predictable and seasonless. In fact, the USVI doesn’t even have a rainy season. How’s that for honeymoon weather perfection, my friends?