Honeymoon Destination: Venice

Honeymoon Destination: Venice


A Venice honeymoon is nothing short of enchanting. Built across a legion of 100 small islands, Venice’s bridges and winding water canals are the makings of a big city dweller’s dream. With no traffic to speak of, only boats and your own two feet will be the main sources of transportation.


When bi-pedaling (or oaring) your way through Venice, gondolas or for-hire water taxis glide across sienna and gold reflective waters for a magical meandering. For you and yours, this 1500-year old city has artwork, ancient palaces, canal-perched restaurants, and mysteriously abruptly-ending pathways that lead into corners strictly reserved for a kiss or two.




When to Go: Avoid Peak Season for Privacy and Romance


Venice is a tourist trap during the months of July and August and for good reason. The weather is amazing. However, even though those months tend to be popular for weddings in the U.S., it is worth considering taking a delayed trip to Venice to really experience the peaceful side of the City of Water.


From April to June and from September to October, you can still experience very pleasant weather but without too many onlookers. Venice’s fascinating mazes of waterways set the stage for the romantic privacy of high-end restaurants and gorgeous rooftop bars like the Molino Stucky Hilton hot spot, Skyline. Besides, it’s best to avoid steady streams of fanny-pack clad Americans like your Aunt Edna and Uncle Jim, right?



Stay at a Venice Bed and Breakfast for the Best Accommodations


Much like the quaint, almost archaic tempo of Venice, staying at several different B&B’s while abroad is the best way to experience this city as a newlywed. Akin to its intricate architectural details, you will want to experience some of these historically homey spaces. The Sandra Bed & Breakfast is one of the highest rated in the area. Choose one of their ‘suites on the roof’ that overlook winding waterways and tiled rooftops. The Sandra owners are known for their gracious hosting abilities and are happy to introduce you to their homemade fixings before a day of exploring.


Bloom is a different B&B altogether. Bright Venetian colors and top floor terraces weave into this romantic modern haven perfect for honeymooners who seek cool convenience. Within walking distance from St. Mark’s Square, the location and the luminosity of this boudoir-inspired B&B is breathtakingly beautiful. You can visit St. Mark’s Cathedral, the bell tower, and frequent sidewalk cafes all within the same afternoon. For those who plan to spend a lot of time walking the famous ‘patterned floors’ and taking snapshots of local Byzantine architecture, being near the city centre is a must.



Two Must-Do’s: Gondolas and Island Hopping


Of course, you must take a gondola with a stripe-shirted baritone guide. After he serenades you with traditional Italian operatic, hop onto a vaporetto (Venetian water bus) and head to The Rialto Bridge in The Grand Canal. The bridge itself and the sights surrounding it have been that way for more than 400 years. For something unique, witness the creation of beautiful hand-blown glass on the island of Murano or head to another small island, Burano, where you can witness some of the most delicate handmade lace being made. Buying some glass trinkets or lace to take home would make for a wonderful family heirloom in the years to come.


If you want an authentic Venetian experience, head to the square, Campo di Santa Margarita. Known as the largest square in the city that still belongs to the Venetians, it is peppered with a large selection of bars, cafe’s, and is less crowded than other more well-known squares. Regardless of whether you want to curl up in a mess of linens and sip espresso for days or head out to discover the beauty of one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Venice has history, candlelit dinners, and the beauty of the European isles to spare.