Honeymoon Destination: Virginia

Honeymoon Destination: Virginia



Every honeymooner knows that Virginia is for lovers, but do they know why? Well, because it literally has every type of honeymoon vacation possible in one time zone. Virginia is also one of the more affordable U.S. honeymoon destination options for budget-conscious brides.


From famous beaches like Assateague Beach to historical sites like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, civil war battlefields, and Williamsburg’s living history museum, you can’t rival Virginia’s historical sites. And amusement park junkies can visit Busch Gardens and Water Country USA while outdoorsy couplets can head to the Blue Ridge Highlands to get their trailblazing on.


Only seven hours to drive across Virginia completely or a little over three to go across from north to south, this lovely state can double as a road trip honeymoon or couples can choose one spot that speaks their honeymoon dialect fluently.


For the Beachy Honeymoon Duo: Virginia Beach


A very classical seaside getaway, Virginia Beach boasts an adorable boardwalk, scrumptious cafes, frothy waves, and plenty of nightlife. Whether you want to tee up at one of their many world-renown golf courses or pack a picnic to nosh on underneath the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, you won’t be at a loss for outings.


For the art lover, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is worth an ogle, but perhaps the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is where most vacationers devote their time. From on-site amusement parks, bike rentals, and gorgeous wharf walks, couples who honeymoon here during the summer will also be subject to special events hosted every night which includes live music, juggling, face painting, fire dancers and magicians. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love a little fire dancing to set the mood?


For the Woodsy Honeymoon Couple: The Blue Ridge Mountains


If you are an avid hiker or camper, than you know of the Blue Ridge Mountains. What you may not know is that even if you don’t want to set up tent on your honeymoon, this nymph-approved wooded haven has several cabins, cottages, hotels, and B&B’s to make your return from the woods feel even more relaxing.


From the sun-streaked trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the well known Appalachian Trail, the wilderness here is food for the soul. But don’t feel like you have to cover more ground than you bargained for, the wine tours and artisan eats in the area are just as fulfilling when you need a little downtime.


For the Historic Honeymooners: Norfolk, Alexandria, and Williamsburg


Romance doesn’t have to be all bikinis or Birkenstocks. In fact, those who tend to prefer culture and history over umbrella drinks and hiking trails will find a common thread in Virginia as well. From Norfolk’s oldest U.S. naval port and 19th-century Mississippi riverboat to Alexandria’s colonial spirit evidenced in its cobblestone streets and historic buildings (est. 1695), couples can also skip over to Colonial Williamsburg and peruse the largest outdoor living-history museum in the U.S.