Honeymoon Planning for the Groom

Honeymoon Planning for the Groom

The tradition of the groom planning the honeymoon is not as common as it once was, but is still a lovely idea, particularly if the groom is not heavily involved in planning the wedding with his fiancé. Wedding details can be very stressful and, at time, all-consuming. So why not take the initiative and start planning your honeymoon? A few things to remember before you book those tickets:




1.Talk to your fiancé.  Make sure she doesn’t already have plans in the works, or something that her heart is really set on.



2. Schedule it. Often, couples take off time from work before the wedding to manage all the pre-wedding events and to be able to socialize with relatives and friends visiting from out of town. Decide whether or not you can manage to take a honeymoon, or just an extended-weekend getaway, with a honeymoon slated for the following summer.



3. Take seasons and weather into account. Summer here is not summer in Bali. And few things are more miserable than Dallas in August. Plan your honeymoon in a place where the weather will not prevent you from enjoying the location.



4. Go somewhere you will both like, and that will allow for plenty of quality time. There is a slight chance that your new wife will be less than thrilled to spend her honeymoon hunting in the woods of the Ozarks. Or that your idea of the perfect vacay is a yoga spa with nary a hamburger for miles. Find something that fits your couple identity.