Creative Thank You Card Ideas for Honeymoon Registry Gifts

Creative Thank You Card Ideas for Honeymoon Registry Gifts

These can be tricky—but there’s a way to make them special.


Coming up with a creative wedding thank you card idea can be difficult, especially if you had a honeymoon registry. But your guests’ contributions allowed you and your new spouse to have the time of your lives abroad, which means a note of gratitude is a must. Show them how much you appreciate their generous gift by making the thank you card completely unique. Here, a few ideas for wowing them.





Use postcards.


Purchase a bunch of postcards during your travels and ship them off when you get back.  Or, if you really want to earn bonus points, jot down a quick note thanking them while still at your destination. For example, if your uncle gave you the gift of a rainforest tour, write a few sentences after the experience and drop it off in your hotel lobby to be mailed.



Take memorable photos.


Why not hire a photographer during your honeymoon for a quick photo session?  Especially if you escaped to a once-in-a-lifetime destination, you aren’t going to want all your pics to be selfies.  Choose the best photo that encapsulates your vacation experience, and turn it into a photo card. Or, take lots of photos of each other doing all the excursions and ‘extras’ that you registered for. You can either mail each one as a photo postcard (to the person/people who gave you that particular present), or enclose it in a traditional thank you card. These photos don’t have to be traditional. Why not send the guests who gave you that sweet suite a pic of the most epic pillow fight of all time?



Take along props.


Instead of taking a photo with a ‘thank you’ sign on your wedding day, pack the signs and find a great backdrop on your first married trip. Enlist a passerby to snap the shot of the two of you in front of the Eiffel Tower, or on a beach in Maui, or in the middle of Times Square. Showing your gratitude for this amazing vacation by sending a little of the experience along will be something your guests will treasure.