Honeymoon Travel Tips

Honeymoon Travel Tips


Honeymoon travel advice differs from vacation travel tips. The advice for honeymoons ranges from practical information, such as a name change, travel insurance, and a travel journal.



Avoid Name Change Troubles


Unless your honeymoon is several months after the ceremony, book all airfare, travel accommodations and reservations in your wife’s maiden name. It takes time to receive a revised passport with the married surname and most travel locations require a current passport that is valid for at least six months after entering the country.



Go for a Romantic Honeymoon


This is the time to treat yourselves by leaving cost and frugality aside. Pick a romantic destination and a luxury hotel that you can visit again on one of your special anniversaries. The purchase of travel insurance for your trip provides a return of the expense if there is a change in plans.



Don’t Forget to Record Your Honeymoon Memories


Write a daily travel journal about the places you see and your new experiences together as a couple. Insert tickets from shore excursions, a flower picked from a stroll through the park, or a brochure from a favorite attraction. Bring extra batteries and a couple of memory sticks for your camera. Record the photos for the day in your journal so you can relive the memories years later during your golden or silver anniversaries.



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