How Soon Should I Plan My Honeymoon?

How Soon Should I Plan My Honeymoon?

Planning a honeymoon isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind while you’re working out the wedding deets. But, you don’t want to procrastinate either! Here’s how to avoid the stress of last-minute planning.


From the moment you get engaged to the day you say ‘I do,’ there’s a lot to think about. Sure, it can be easy to get caught up in designing your reception tables or dress shopping, but honeymoon planning is a task you won’t want to forget. The honeymoon is your reward for all that hard work you put into the big day, but if you find yourselves booking last-minute flights, it can become more stressful than it needs to be. Here’s a general timeline to follow for planning your post-wedding vacay.



6+ Months In Advance


  • Set your honeymoon budget.


  • Brainstorm destinations with your fiancé based on your style. Get ideas from friends and family, or consult a travel agent.



  • Research accommodations and reserve your lodging.


  • Purchase airline tickets and take care of any additional transportation like a rental car reservation.


  • Talk to your doctor about recommended or required travel vaccinations if you’re visiting another country (you can learn more by visiting CDC Travelers’ Health).



3-5 Months In Advance


  • Obtain travel insurance if extreme circumstances (i.e. health conditions, hurricane season or any unexpected weather) can threaten the timing of your trip.


  • If you’re traveling abroad, acquire your passports or visas.



2 Months In Advance


  • Book your itinerary. If you’re dying to go on a helicopter ride or dine at that five-star restaurant, check out Groupon or LivingSocial for deals.


  • Prepare for any day-to-day activities as needed. This means getting certified for any activities if required (i.e. scuba diving). If you’re going abroad, feel free to take a foreign language class.



1 Month In Advance


  • Reconfirm reservations for airlines, lodging and activities.


  • If you’re traveling to another country, exchange some emergency currency in bills. While it will likely be cheaper to make a withdrawal in local currency once you arrive, it’s nice to have at least enough money to cover the cost of a trip from the airport to your hotel handy.


  • Print photocopies of your passport, ID, credit cards, health insurance and any other important documentation you’d need in case of an emergency. The best case scenario to keep you prepped for emergiences? A set of copies for your parents or a close friend, a set to store in your suitcase and a set to leave at home.


  • Make a packing list.



1-2 Weeks In Advance


  • Print or pick up your airline tickets. If you book using a travel agent, pick up any additional vouchers, too.


  • Arrange for a house sitter or a pet sitter, and if needed, call the post office to hold your mail during your trip.


  • If you’re expecting any deliveries for your wedding registry, ask stores to hold orders until you’ve returned.


  • For those who are honeymooning internationally, call your cell phone provider to get a travel plan to use abroad.




3 Days In Advance


  • Double check you’ve packed extra copies of important documents and any medications you may need.


  • Make arrangements for rides to and from the airport.


  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and a set of house keys with a close friend or family member.


  • Check the weather forecasts for your destination and adjust your packing list as needed.


  • Prepare your home for your departure, from getting rid of perishable foods to setting security alarms.


  • Buy books, magazines, organize playlists and download any travel apps for the trip. Our faovrite travel apps include: Guides by Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, Cool Cousin, Journy, Localeur.




The Day Before 


  • Reconfirm your flight reservations.


  • Make sure your luggage is packed and labeled on the inside and outside with your name, address, hotel and phone number.