How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination

How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination


Throwing darts at a list of honeymoon destinations may be one way to select your honeymoon destination, but there are better methods available. Whether you take the rational method of listing honeymoon destinations or activities, or a more practical method of budget, the final selection should be a honeymoon destination that you will both enjoy.




Lists of Post-Nuptial Destinations


A written list can help narrow down the final honeymoon destination. By writing down the locations you want to visit in order of preference, you can see if either of you share the same location.


For example, if both of you write different areas in the same general category, such as Australia and New Zealand, then a compromise can be reached by choosing something a cruise that visits ports in both countries. This works on European cities or the Caribbean too. Otherwise, consider the top choice both of you have on your lists.



Couple’s Activities


Continue the list by writing down activities you both enjoy then match the activities to locations that provide them.  If golf is your passion, then a honeymoon in Ireland and Scotland can offer some world class golf courses. Or, if you are both into skiing, then a US resort in Utah or Colorado may be your preferred honeymoon destination.



Budget Conscious Bride and Groom


The last consideration is budget. If you cannot afford your dream honeymoon in the south of France, look for more affordable alternatives that are just as exotic and offer the same activities such as St. Martin, Cancun, or the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.




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