How to Get Married Stylishly in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand

How to Get Married Stylishly in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand

You don’t have to be married in a neon chapel to have a Las Vegas wedding.


You love the idea of a Las Vegas wedding. Airfare is reasonable. Accommodations for guests are aplenty. And you certainly won’t have to worry about enough things to do. However, you are also pretty sure that a tiny neon-covered chapel with an Elvis impersonator is not how you want to begin forever. But you don’t have to choose between fun and sophistication…





At the MGM Grand you can get married in a variety of elegant venues. From an intimate chapel to a dramatic garden courtyard to a spectacular suite, you can have all the fun of a Vegas affair without the side of cheesy.





And it wouldn’t be Las Vegas if it meant lots of stress and decision making. You can select from a variety of terrific wedding packages before you leave so that it can fit your unique budget and tastes. So, whether you want a traditional wedding with extravagant details or a simple event with just your nearest and dearest, the wedding planners at the MGM Grand can accommodate you.



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