Humble Honeymoons

Humble Honeymoons



For many couples, planning a green wedding is an extension of everyday living. Eating local and organic foods, recycling, and conserving energy have become daily practices in hopes to contribute to a smaller overall carbon footprint. And it doesn’t stop at the wedding. Earth friendly honeymoons are becoming more popular as engaged couples continue to find ways to live a more eco-conscious life.




Below are tips for planning your green getaway:



Hire a green travel agent. If planning your own trip seems like too much to handle while planning your wedding, contact a travel agent who specializes in green, eco-friendly travel. They’ll take care of the details for you and you can rest assured that your trip will have minimal impact on the environment.


Go Ecotouring. Ecotourism is the term for planning a socially and environmentally conscious trip. The International Ecotourism Society says that ecotourism is: Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. These trips are organized by reputable tour groups whose best interest in improving the environment where you would like to travel. Your adventure will include volunteering and comprehensive interaction with the local people, culture and ecosystem. Groups like National Geographic organize everything for you-all you have to do is show up and be willing.


Stay at an eco-friendly hotel. Do your own research and find a hotel or other accommodations that practice eco-friendly hospitality. Hotel and resorts are answering the call of the many green consumers who want to walk the proverbial Earth-saving walk-without compromising comfort and luxury.


Find local & organic food. Before you go, research restaurants that serve local and organic fare and eat there. These haunts tend to serve the freshest food with a dose of local culture. If you have your own kitchen, shop at a local market and prepare a romantic dinner or breakfast in bed for two.


Rent an alternative mode of transportation. Check out hybrid car rentals, motorcycles, scooters, or even a bicycle! If you’re traveling through Europe, take advantage of the spectacular public transportation system available there.


Consider carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are a way for you to give back what you take. This controversial method of caring for Mother Earth, can at the very least curb any carbon overload guilt that you may have for flying all the way to Tahiti. Whether you agree or not, it’s not a bad idea to plant a couple of extras trees anyway.


Explore the world around you. Why not take advantage of this time you have after your marriage and explore your local community. We tend to save these excursions for when out-of-town guests come to visit, but why not enjoy them with your new spouse. Not only will you save resources, you’ll save money, time and stress by having to plan and pay for an exotic vacation. Another alternative is to rent a vacation home within driving distance and take. the. week. off. You deserve it.



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