Indoor Wedding Venues in Denver

Indoor Wedding Venues in Denver


Yes, Denver is home to nearly 300 glorious days of sunshine per year. Yes, we’re convinced you’d love to take advantage of the piercing blue skies. Yes, those mountains serve as an ideal backdrop…but, yes, this state also happens to collect a little something we like to call “fresh powder”. So, if your ceremony falls sometime between the months of October and April or you aren’t sure you’d like to run the risk of making vows in a thunderstorm, well, just take a peek. The Mile High City has just the venue for you.



Mile High Station


Flexible capacity and industrial ambiance – this reformed Ironworks building was a factory that produced Naval ship sections during World War II and is now one of the most impressive venues in town. Mile High Station has been methodically renovated to maintain the old brick walls and steel beams of its original architecture which are paired today with polished concrete floors, an elevated mezzanine and custom-made chandeliers. This historic structure is industrial-meets-contemporary and has style of its own: it requires no additional decoration.



The Turnhalle Room


Another venue vested in local history, the Turnhalle Room at the Tivoli is brick-walled like its Mile High neighbor, but has a very different – and every bit as unique – story. In the mid-1800s, Tivoli was built as a brewery and the Turnhalle room was used as a German Opera house in 1882. A white balcony wraps the room and faces the opera house’s stage, which can be used either as ceremony location or for historic ambiance.



Wash Park Studio


What Wash Park Studio lacks in historic landmark status it makes up for in simple intimacy and contemporary appeal. Clean, modern and decorated with natural light and hickory flooring, this photography studio and event space is a nod to urban living and an ideal venue for a foodie, friend-filled reception with a whole lot of personality.