Indoor Wedding Venues in St. Louis

Indoor Wedding Venues in St. Louis



St. Louis’ geographic position between the Midwest and the South means that this city is defined by a few specific details: a combination of common sense and charm, rolling hills and green trees, four seasons, and, along with those seasons, a year-round possibility for unpredictable weather. Spring is rain, winter is snow and there’s the risk of a more serious storm or two. Because we agree that depending on the weather isn’t for everyone, we’ve put together a list of rainy day-wary, indoor, St. Louis wedding reception locations.



Coronado Ballroom


A historic site with more than 50 years of wedding-hosting experience, the Coronado Ballroom features up-to-date renovations alongside its traditional elements. The ballroom is conveniently located near downtown, has a private entrance and is a fit location for any wedding fairy tale to unfold.



Windows on Washington


Loft-style Windows on Washington has more than just a roof over its head: it has full length windows and open air verandas with a panoramic view of the city below. The venue’s combination of exposed brick, white columns, and hardwood floors is vintage meets contemporary and complementary of weddings with any theme and style.



9th Street Abbey


Built in the 1850’s, the structure now called the 9th Street Abbey has a long multi-denominational church history.  Now the ivy-covered brick building, located in the oldest part of the city, is purely event venue. If the floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows don’t capture your heart, maybe the heirloom rose gardens or climate-controlled rooftop deck with its views of downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch will win you over.