Interesting Ideas for City Wedding Venues

Interesting Ideas for City Wedding Venues


A city wedding exudes sophistication and is perfect for those couples who have a love for the city life and wouldn’t want to be married anywhere else. For out-of-town guests, the convenience of top-rated restaurants, bars, and hotels all within walking distance of the venue is a huge plus. No matter what city you think is best for your vows, there are dozens of unique ceremony and reception sites that break outside the box of ordinary ballrooms and country clubs. Draw some inspiration from these unique venues in cities across the nation to find your own little piece of downtown bliss.



Timeless Love on Stage and Screen


Historical sites are wonderful places for unique wedding venues, and a vintage theater may be the cream of the crop. Usually less costly than high-end downtown suites or social club ballrooms, renting a refurbished theater in your city of choice is a perfect way to make your own mark. Historical stage and theater venues can offer loads of architectural detail and ageless beauty. For instance, the Catalina Casino and Ballroom in California first opened in 1929. A short boat ride from Long Beach, its vibrant stage, plush velvet seats, and art deco finishings are the perfect backdrop for a colorful, retro- Hollywood inspired wedding.


Even if you don’t live in California, there are vintage theatres across the nation that are worth looking into. The intense handiwork and beautiful construction of a historical theater won’t require loads of flowers, draping, or lighting. That perk alone can add up to major wedding savings.




Get Artsy: Choose a Museum for Your Muse


Art museums are another unique idea for a beautiful city wedding venue. For the couple who appreciates all things artistic, getting married in the space that houses some of the most famous artists of all time is a natural progression. Since an art museum isn’t a traditional site, you may be able to find better deals than hotel ballrooms, and you may be able to entice out-of-towners with your city’s local exhibit.


For instance, the Seattle Art Museum has several different rooms and auditoriums within its building to host large or small weddings. The SAM even offers on-site catering and can appeal to those working within all ranges of budgets. The most popular choice is The Brotman Forum, which features a suspended art piece by Cai Guo Qiang. However, no matter what city’s art museum appeals to you, how many couples can say that Monet witnessed their vows? Not many.




Park It: Conserve Your Love in a Conservatory


Public parks are perfect for city wedding couples who want the look of green grass, flowers, and running streams without having to retreat to the nearest mountain pass. There are no checkered tablecloths or picnic baskets here; you can choose from some amazingly intricate historical sites in some of the nation’s most beautiful parks. The Columbus Park Refectory in Chicago or The Butterfly House in St. Louis both offer indoor sites in an outdoor setting.


For the couple who loves stone pillars, soaring ceilings, and history, the Columbus Park Refectory offers both with historically-famous design and an almost Emily Bronte brilliance. The Butterfly House in St. Louis is an over-sized greenhouse that has hundreds of gorgeous plants sprouting from every corner. Butterflies roam free, and the romance of the place is almost otherworldly. No matter where you live, don’t fear that you will have to settle for ordinary. Every city has unique spots that can turn your wedding into a modern-day musical, a work of art, or a natural monument worth conserving.



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