Interesting Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

Interesting Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

Honeymooning on Saint Lucia is definitely a little slice of paradise. With its gorgeous beaches and unique culture, it’s a destination you will always be glad you experienced!  Here are 3 of the most interesting places to visit in Saint Lucia!



Pigeon Island


This tiny islet (now connected via causeway) is located off the northwestern coast of Saint Lucia.  Although most tourists and locals know Pigeon Island for hosting the local annual jazz festival, it is also a virtual treasure trove of historic landmarks. At Pigeon Island National Park you can hike pretty trails and find stunning views, including being able to spot Martinque on a clear day. There are plenty of vendors nearby to grab a snack or rent snorkeling gear on the beach.  The park is also home to a little bit of colonial history.  Visit the ruins of Fort Rodney, an 18th century British fort, and tour the grounds.





Referred to as ‘volcanic plugs,’ the Pitons are essentially tall formations created out of volcanic matter following an eruption.  The hikes around the Pitons are well worth the effort, but definitely better experienced with a local guide.  Some trails aren’t well-marked, and with so many different kinds of plant life, it’s handy to have an expert with you!  Remember to dress for the climate and in light layers, and to bring plenty of water.  If hiking isn’t your scene, there are plenty of activities in the shadow of the Pitons for you to participate in, such as boating or ziplining.



Marigot Bay


This picturesque western cove of Saint Lucia is a great way to spend a little downtime.  Charter a boat or take a water taxi if you want to see the bay. There are even plenty of aquatic tours, such as deep sea fishing and snorkeling adventures, to choose from. Otherwise, partake in local cuisine from one of several restaurants along the waterfront. Usually there is live music available in the bars once evening rolls in. If you would rather stay in a charming oasis than the busier Saint Lucian cities, there are several resorts at different price points available in the area.