Minimize Honeymoon Planning Stress With Jetsetter

Minimize Honeymoon Planning Stress With Jetsetter


Plotting your post-wedding escape can be as stressful as coordinating the Big Day. We asked the travel experts at to share their thoughts on how to minimize honeymoon hassle. Here, their top tips for planning an easy-breezy romantic getaway.



1. Dream big, but don’t over-schedule. Yes, this is your chance to take that no-holds-barred vacation you’ve been dreaming of. But know this: Weddings are exhausting and, even if everything goes according to plan, decompression will be your first order of business. Which doesn’t mean you can’t plan a month-long sojourn in some far-flung destination, just that you should allow plenty of time for doing nothing at all. Alternate pavement-pounding with spa treatments and breakfasts in bed. When in doubt, less is more (though those who thrive on the hustle and bustle of the city should clearly not plan to spend their honeymoon on a deserted island).



2. Use your miles. You’ve been saving your frequent flier miles and assembled quite a nest egg. Now is the time to use them award tickets are best used on expensive, long-haul flights and make it two first class tickets. Book well in advance (the sooner the better) to get the best availability and lowest mileage price. And, if you don’t have enough saved for a first class fare, consider buying an economy ticket and using those miles to upgrade just make sure to check the class of ticket you’re buying as some are not upgradeable.



3. Book a villa. Consider the benefits of a villa: Your own private infinity pool (nighttime skinny dipping, anyone?), a sprawling chef’s kitchen for midnight snacks, your very own live-in butler. Now chew on this: villa rentals are often on par with hotels (or, dare we say, cheaper?) when it comes to cost. Jetsetter Homes, the travel site’s newly launched villas arm, has one-bedroom honeymoon hideaways that range from a tropical cottage in St. Lucia to stylish pied-a-terre in Paris‘ trendy North Marais (from $360).



4. Consider a Mini-Moon. An abridged version of the full-fledged honeymoon can be a practical alternative for couples on a budget, a tide-you-over until you save your pennies for something more indulgent. It’s also a good way to de-stress immediately after the wedding so that you can go on that all-out bucket-list worthy trip without worrying about writing thank you notes or getting your dress dry cleaned.



5. Talk to an expert. Jetsetter’s Personal Travel Planning service takes the work out of the planning, pairing you and your honey with a pro travel writer, who has been there, done that. You want a safari, your significant other is thinking pampered beach retreat? No problem. Jetsetter’s experts can assemble itineraries to meet the most divergent of interests, with recommendations for hotels, restaurants and activities based on personal experience. And they’ll book it all for you whether it’s a weeklong stay on a tropical island or a custom tour of the South African bush. Purchase by February 12, 2012 and for $50 you’ll get $100 on Jetsetter towards your honeymoon and one of Jetsetter’s finest to dot the is and cross the ts. Enter promo code JetsetMyWedding at checkout.